Credits & References

This foodquest came to my mind after several discussions in class with the students who planned the layout of the Copabacana Club and Restaurant for the Viva Project and a Christmas session on food at the Euro Language Teachers'Session at Tapped In.

Many people have helped me directly or indirectly in it. My very special thanks go to:

Phil Benz - for his precious advice and for having ceded several sessions of the Euro Language Forum he hosts so that we could discuss this quest.

All the participating members at the Tapped In sessions (Deb Blaz, Susanne Nyrop, Keiko Schneider, Rita Zeinstejer and many others) for their help and suggestions.

Ton Koenraad who is implementing a Talenquest project (webquests for foreign languages).

Mr James Ehler from Foodreference, where I found most of the quotations used on these pages and who has very kindly agreed to give help to students who may need his assistance .

Claudia Juzwiak, my sister- in- law and dietitian, who contributed with many of the links in this area.

Bernie Dodge , the creator of the webquest concept and The WebQuest Page

Tools Used:

Rubistar (for the evaluation sheets)

Inspiration (for the diagrams)

Trackstar (to keep links together)