"The gentle art of gastronomy is a friendly one. It hurdles the language barrier, makes friends among civilized people, and warms the heart."
Samuel Chamberlain

  • Food exerces an enormous influence on us. We spend a lot of time on it: deciding what we should eat and why, getting it, storing it, organizing it, cooking it, and ,imagining who should eat it, how, when and where.
  • This shows that we do not only eat to live like animals do, but that there are also other dimensions to food. The history of the cooking and eating habits of a nation is a reflection of its civilization. You must have heard the expression "you are what you eat".
  • By helping out to get our restaurant going we hope to whet your appetite, give you an insight to what the art of good cooking (and eating) may be and provide you with food for thought. By working here you will have fun and exercise your creativity and language skills.
  • Join the Copa staff and clientele!