The Process

“First prepare the soup of your choice and pour it into a bowl. Then, take the bowl and quickly turn it upside down on the cookie tray. Lift the bowl ever so gently so that the soup retains the shape of the bowl. Gently is the key word here. Then, with the knife cut the soup down the middle into halves, then quarters, and gently reassemble the soup into a cube. Some of the soup will run off onto the cookie tray. Lift this soup up by the corners and flod slowly into a cylindrical soup staff. Place the packet in your purse or inside coat pocket, and pack off to work.”
Steve Martin


I - Pre-activities
(language and vocabulary)

II - Task discussion

III - Task extension

Part IV -

I - Pre-Activities (language and vocabulary)

II - Task


Ethnic Cuisine


Fast Food

School Cafeteria

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III -Task Extension (some of the roles are still being designed)




Food Consultants

Purchase Dept


IV - Presentation

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