The Idea Behind Branding
Multiple Choice Exercise
by Barbara Dieu

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. After watching the video segment . Choose the correct answers for each question. You may want to use the script to help you.

The Idea Behind Logos

Narrator: But the idea behind branding has now changed.

Naomi: "It is ... about .... you. Not about the brand being of good quality, but you being of good quality because you buy that brand."

Narrator:Brand are now sold as a lifestyle, a look, a culture.

Naomi:"You do not just buy Nike sneakers; you buy into the entire Nike philosophy"

Narrator: Each brand tries to represent a different idea. For example:

Sport [NIKE logo]

Fashion [Le Chateau logo]

Multiculturalism [Benetton logo]

Canadiana [Roots logo]

Community [Starbucks logo]

Naomi: "Starbucks choose the idea of community. The idea of the third place. Public space. A place to congregate. But of course ...these are private spaces; they are pseudo public spaces. ...When you have a private space, um.. you're allowed to protect all kinds of trademarks, you allowed to restrict speech in all kinds of ways. It's like the way I can control the environment my house. That's what a mall is, that's what a super store is. So these claims about Barnes and Noble or Chapters being a library are totally false. And that's not to say they are not great places to shop. um But we start looking at the effects they are having on our genuine libraries on our schools, then that's when you see the real effect."

Narrator:Large franchise bookstores have taken away attention from the importance of supporting our public libraries. Public space is also lost to corporate sponsorship of events. Naomi uses the example of university students who were banned from distributing anti-smoking material on their campus.

Naomi:"York University ...which host the Demauria Tennis Open. It's a public university, but students who were handing out pamphlets were ...thrown off their own campus, because it had been branded. Because private and public space are not the same thing."

Narrator: Super brands limit free expression in other ways as well.Large chain store have the power to censor what we can read, watch, and listen to.

Naomi:"When you have a company like... Barnes and Noble, or a company like Walmart, where they have such a enormous market share; when they make the seemingly innocuous decision of 'you know what? I don't like the cover of that magazine' or 'ya know what? I think the lyrics... on this rap album are... too explicit' ...That's not a casual decision. What actually happens is that the labels, and publishers, producers - in the case of Blockbuster - decide based on that decision what kind of movies they are going to make, what kind of albums they are going to produce.