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Europe : Unity in Diversity

America: Dreams and Myths

Empires : Domination and Protest

Fighting for Our Future

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Oral Presentation Rubric
(language and presentation skills)

Assessing Media

Définition des épreuves de langues vivantes applicables au baccalauréat général à compter de la session 2002

Épreuve d'anglais, langue de complément au baccalauréat - sessions 2003 et 2004


Épreuves de langues vivantes, étrangères ou régionales du baccalauréat général (complément) - session 2002

Épreuves de langues vivantes, étrangères ou régionales du baccalauréat général - session 2002 (rectificatif)


Last updated 28.09.04

for 2004 Oral Exam

Extra Background



Unity in Diversity

Basic Concepts:

the origin of the idea



arguments for and against


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A common currency - ad by the European Central Bank

How to be a European - cover page and two poems by Stephen Sharpless
(see example analysis)


History of Europe

History of the European Union

A Glossary of Eurosceptic Beliefs

Celebrations as EU grows to 25

Special Report European Union

John Bull and Uncle Sam

A Question of Identity

Stephen Sharpless

International Citizen

How English are You?

Tony Blair's Britain Speech *text

Tony Blair's Speech (sound file)

UK and EU

Guardian's audio files

The Enlargement


Dreams and Myths

Basic Concepts:

the origin of the American Dream

the immigration waves

Puritan life in Massachussets,

witchcraft trials

Mc Carthyism

the growth of a nation, melting pot x salad bowl-mosaic

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Dreaming of America - engraving by J.Keppler (1880)

The American Myth - extract from novel "The Grandmothers"
by Glenway Wescott
click here for Analysis Plan

The witches of Salem - extract from play "The Crucible"by Arthur Miller.

An analysis of the extract Witches of Salem - a suggestion on how it can be done

The Oregon Trail - extract from" The Way West " by A. Guthrie

American Progress - painting by John Gast

Fievel, An American Tail - cartoon by Don Bluth and Steven Spielberg

America - song from West Side Story

Immigration: stories of yesterday and today

Why I wrote the Crucible

MacCarthyism - a lot of interesting links

Animated atlas

Lewis and Clark

A web exploration on westward expansion

Essential Information for Immigration to the Oregon Country

The Oregon Trail


American Progress by John Gast

 Migrant World


Recommended Films: The Witches of Salem, Guilty by Suspicion


Domination and Protest

Nelligan - extract from play by

Who are the Canadians? - extract from the Cat's Eye by Margareth Atwood
click here for analysis

I have a Dream - speech by Martin Luther King

Strange Fruit - song by Billie Holliday

The Problem We all Live With - painting by Norman Rockwell

The Long Walk to Freedom - extract from Nelson Mandela's autobiography



Emile Nelligan

Margaret Atwood

Canadian Flag

Canadian History

Jim Crow Laws

  In his own voice -excerpts from King's most famous speeches.

  PBS series: I have a dream

 The March on Washington and its impact

The Mandela Page

  Without Sanctuary - A powerful documentary about lynching in America.


Fighting for Our Future

The New Frontier - extract from J.F. Kennedy's nomination acceptance

Violence - extract from Violence in America by Howard Zinn

I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag - song by Country Joe Mc Donald

The Election Process

Elections 2004

The new frontier (whole speech)

About the USA

The Democratic Donkey

The Republican Elephant

Dissent In Pursuit Of Equality, Life, Liberty And Happiness - An Interview With Historian Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn's Zdnet page

Masters of War (Bob Dylan)

Vietnam War

The Unwinnable War

Taking On the Myth

I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag