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Youth and Peace

Participants 2ndes


Participants from other countries

From left to right:
Alice, José, Alessandro, Edson,Fabrice,Andrea

Katedralskolan (II) Sweden
St. Joseph High School USA
Ekonomska skola Pula Croatia
Leonia Middle School USA
Sekolah Ciputra (4) Indonesia
First Children's Embassy in the World Macedonia
U-Tech High School Swaziland
Liceo Thomas Cochrane Chile
School #48 (2) Russia
School #23 (2) Russia
YarDLC Combined Team (4) Russia
Instituto San Luis Gonzaga (2) Argentina
Liceo Patria Quinta Brigada (2) Colombia
Escuela de Ensenanza Media N435 "Luis Maria Drago" (2) Argentina
Colegio Inem Santiago Perez Colombia Joensuun Normaalikoulu (4) Finland
BRIDGES (2) Argentina
First Step International Foundation (2) Gambia
Educational Advancement Centre (2) Nigeria
Ecole Africaine Kimbanguiste du 12 Septembre (3) Congo
IIPDEP (3) India Cotter High School (4) USA
Mirnovskaya School #11 Ukraine
Provincial College (4) Russia
Secondary Grammar School Keszthely Hungary
Vestfyns Gymnasium (2) Denmark
St. Julie Billiarts High School (4) USA
Council Rock High School (4) USA
Lycee Technique de Commerce M Delafosse (4) Senegal
Zwelibanzi High School (4) South Africa

From left to right:
Alice C, Andrea, José and Alessandro

From left to right:
Gabriella, Alice, Bernardo, Manon, Fabrice, Francisco (sleeping) and Alessandro(middle)

The aim of these questions is:

- To make yourself aware of peace and peace in the world.
- To make you aware of yourself, other people and other cultures.
- To develop your own views on peace.
- To let you think about peace


Questions for classroom twinning

1) What does peace mean to you? In your family, at school, between friends, in your country or any other place that is relevant to you. Do you think peace is important? If so, why? How do you see yourself and people from other cultures?

2) What can you do to improve peace? Why is it important to create a peaceful world?

3) Do you think that films, television programmes and games have a bad effect on teenagers? If so, in what way? Do they influence you too? If so, in what way?

Summary of Discussion

        Peace means something different for each one of us: contemplating a beautiful landscape without noise or pollution, being surrounded by good friends and family, living a moment without worries or stress , having enough money to survive (freedom from want). However, although these images of peace are different we think they all have elements in common: pleasure in being together, harmony , balance and freedom.

        Peace is a state of mind which must start with you . You are in peace with your body when you do not make it undergo unnecessary stress, if you do not take drugs if you do not force it. You are in peace with your mind when you act according to principles and values and do not hurt or destroy others.One step towards peace is admitting you are just like the others, neither superior, nor inferior, but a human being like anybody else. Your social or economical status you obtain through your education or heritage but they are not inherent to a human being.

        When you are in peace with yourself you do not wage war against the others. You go beyond human imperfections, you respect other people and try to help those in need. If one of the elements for peace is not there, this unbalance may harm it and violence erupts.

        We think TV and movies nowadays promote violence and war in a very frivolous way, just to make money. The result is that we become more and more insensitive to suffering and destruction, losing our humanness. After some time, people just accept these things are normal and do not realize the chaotic world we live in.

        A peaceful world is important because we do not want ourselves and the next generations to be engulfed in violence, death and destruction.

15 people participated in this group: Isadora, Priscilla, Christophe B, Manon, Francisco, Edson, Andrea, Alice C and Alice P, Fabrice, Bernard, José, Alessandro and Gabriella.

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