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Circle of Friends

Thanks to David Griffiths for the Lakes applet.

You'll find there's a circle of
friends living here,
because of the love and kindness
so near.

Whenever there's trouble,
someone's always there.
No matter what happens,
love is in the air.

The way that it's given,
the love is so grand.
You'll find wherever you go,
there's always a helping hand.

The love you will feel,
you'll cherish forever.
You'll find that a friend,
will never say never.

The happiness and kindness you share,
will never end.
That's why we all live here,
in the circle of friends.

An original poem by Amanda Jones

So often in today's life it's so easy to feel like we're adrift in the ocean alone. Thanks to the internet the world has shrunk and brought people from all over the world closer together. This page is for all our friends everywhere who are always there for us to help bring us back into port. The friends we laugh or cry with, share our joy or our sorrow. Whether they be right here at home or a thousand miles away.

Many of us have never even met some of our closest friends. We may only know them as a kind voice thru IRC or ICQ. Someone to share a laugh or two with, or someone to confide in when we need a kind ear. But, nevertheless the true emotions of friendship are there.

Feel free to share this page with your friends and let them know your thinking about them. And don't forget your MOST important friend, your wife or husband!

This page is dedicated to our "Cirle of Friends"

John & Elaine Huber

Do you ICQ? If not you should, it's a wonderful way to keep in touch with all your friends.

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This page was last updated on Jan. 30, 1999