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"I never was, am always to be,

No one ever saw me, nor ever will

And yet I am the confidence of all

To live and breathe on this terrestrial ball."

"The beginning of eternity

The end of time and space

The beginning of every end,

And the end of every place."

"There was a green house.

Inside the green house there was a white house

Inside the white house there was a red house.

Inside the red house there were lots of babies."

"What never asks

Any questions at all,

Yet often answered

By short and tall?"

"Little white birds

Float down through the air

And light in the trees

When they are bare."

"What can go through

The water and yet

Not ever become

The least bit wet?"

"Have you the slightest notion

What bus crossed the ocean?"

"Which animal travels lightest

And which one carries the most,

Whether the trip be just a mile

Or a journey from coast to coast?"

"I tell people their faults,

Though I can't make a sound.

Even so, they must like me, for always,

They keep me around."

"What wears clothes in the summertime

When it's too hot to scold,

But none at all in the wintertime

When winds are blowing cold?"

"There were 710

Women and men

At sea in a boat

That ceased to float.

When it spun around

And turn upside down
What was left then

Of the 710?"

"I really don't mean

To give you a scare,

But when is a boy

Most like a bear?"

"How can you travel

Fairly fast,

Yet never get far

From the first place you passed?"

"Comes in every door,

Comes at every crack.

Runs around and round and round some more,

But never leaves a track."

"What is so airy

That hands can't take it,

Though one little word

Is enough to break it?

"I am so small

And afraid of the night

That always at dark

I light up my light."

"If you saw a bird in an apple tree,

Where not the slightest breeze stirred,

How could you shake down an apple for me

Without disturbing the bird?

"Of all things, weak or strong,

In lightness it is first,

But if you try to hold it long

You feel that you will burst."

"What crosses the land

From coast to coast,

But continues to stand

As still as a post?"

"Boy with a toy,

Girl with a curl,

What's the best way

To catch a squirrel?"

"Are you able to guess

What can fill a whole house

And still weigh less

Than a tiny mouse?"

"What is it that surely

Belongs to you,

But that your friends use

Much more than you do?"

"A man was locked up

From spring to fall.

In a room with a calender

And bed - that's all.

None brought food,

To sell or give.

How in the world did

The poor man live?"

"To keep his temper

A doctor must try

Especially hard.

Do you know why?"

"I'm sometimes strong and sometimes weak,

But I am nobody's fool.

For there is no language I can't speak,

Though I never went to school."

"What has panes

But doesn't ache,

Is very hard

But easy to break?"

"One man speared a big oak tree,

Then rode his horse right through it.

Another rode up and jumped the same tree,

Just to show that he could do it.

The third one uprooted the same oak tree,

As if there were nothing to it.

Which was the strongest one of the three,

As seen by their deeds at the big oak tree?"

"You probably know what you say

When your shin is kicked,

But what does an envelope say

When it is licked?"

"When it comes to questions

I have rather many,

Like why is a dog

A lot like a penny?"

"What floats in the water

As light as can be,

Yet thousands of men

Cannot lift it free?"

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