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Tel. nos. : 2823- 8509, 2823- 8510, 2823- 8511, 2823- 8512, 2823- 8513, 2866- 2901

The ATN Section, headed by a Vice Consul and six support staff, is  responsible for OFWs with police-related  and  immigration cases, as well as other non-labor related incidents requiring attention.  Legal matters are likewise handled  by this section with  the Consulateís Legal Officer providing  legal advice.

ATN's tasks and responsibilities include: answering telephone inquries, attending to walk-in-cases, preparing reports on cases to  the home office and relevant SAR government offices and agencies, prison visits, accompanying clients to hospitals, police stations, HK Immigration and airport as the need arises.

As part of the section's information and education campaign, it conducts the monthly  Orientation Seminar for new arrivals in Hong Kong. The seminar focuses on the immigration and labor aspects of their employment contracts, cross-cultural understanding of the Hong Kong society and families, the basics of how to go about in Hong Kong, help-lines, as well as agencies to access when employment as well as human rights related problems arise. 

Procedure  observed by the ATN Section when handling police-related cases: 
    1. Upon receipt of report, ATN contacts police for confirmation and initial police report. 
    2. ATN contacts families of victim in Hong Kong to inform them of the incident and to secure affidavits from those who have knowledge of the case. 
    3. ATN informs victims or accused of their rights under Hong Kong laws and explains  how the Hong Kong judicial system works. 
    4. ATN contacts witnesses to get their statements, and refer them to the police if they have not given their statements.
    5. ATN refers concerned victims to DOLE-OWWA if there is a need for accommodation as well as other employment-related claims from employers. 
    6. Post makes representation with the Commissioner of the Police to expedite the investigation to allow the speedy disposition of justice. 
    7. Post makes reports to the Home Office on the case and to inform relatives in the Philippines. 
    8. ATN monitors  the case from its investigation phase by  the Police, up to the end of the court trial.  
    9. In case of any death, ATN accompanies relatives if necessary,  to the mortuary for identification of the victim and to the police for further information. 
    10. ATN makes representations and links up  with the Coronerís Office for post-mortem report.

The Philippine Consulate General is located at Room 602 6/F, United Center, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong SAR