I Love My Elbows

sung by Kermit (Jim Henson)

I love my elbows
Let's get straight to the point
I love my elbows
Yeah they're my favorite joint
They bend my arms with so much charm and finesse

I love my elbows
Take my ankles, please!
I love my elbows
So much I'm weak in the knees
Without these two I'd sure be blue I confess

Yeah thanks to elbows, I'm a fella
Who's got a hook for his umbrella
And for cool and casual leaning,
Boy are they great!

And right below my shoulders,
They're the perfect package holders
Just use them any time you want
Or even make 'em straight (crash as package falls)

I love my elbows!
They really top my list
I love my elbows,
Even more than my wrists

They're flexible and bony
They help answer the phone-y
They're useful when you want to touch
Your fingers to your nose

That's right, it's true, I love......
my elbows!
I love my elbows they're my favorite joint!

Transcribed by Erin Craig

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