Path:!uunet!!!!!not-for-mail From: (Colin Douthwaite) Newsgroups: alt.ascii-art,alt.ascii-art.animation, Subject: POINTER ==> Ascii-art Sites Date: 29 Sep 1996 15:42:09 GMT Organization: Southern InterNet Services Lines: 123 Message-ID: <52m5ch$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [UNIX 1.3 950621BETA PL0] Xref: alt.ascii-art:24246 alt.ascii-art.animation:1379 ============================================================================ Ascii Art Sites Sep 1996 ============================================================================ NOTE: Since Bob Allison ( Scarecrow ) gave up as Moderator of "rec.arts.ascii" newsgroup his Scarecrow Ascii archives have become difficult to access. Their future is uncertain. The following Ascii Art archives may still be operating but there is NO GUARANTEE of their validity or continuance. ============================================================================ PLEASE NOTE: The Archive locations below are not guaranteed. ============================================================================ 9 Where can I find ASCII art? ------------------------------ You can FTP and Gopher ASCII art (single pics and archives of dozens or hundreds of images). FTP'ing is easy. Gophering is easier. See Question 10 of the FAQ for further info. ASCII art is available from many sites, including: o FTP Sites: -> Host: Path: pub/ascii/art/pictures URL: Jorn's FTP site -> Host: Path: mcsnet.users/jorn/ascii-art URL: Has Scarecrow's files, plus other ASCII art files, and the technically oriented "asciitech.aa". Chris' FTP site -> Host: Path: pub/ncsu/chking/Archive URL: Contains all the Scarecrow's files, all of Steve Sullivan's files, and Gifscii for many systems. -> Host: Path: pub/vz/vzvz/asciiart URL: -> Host: Path: pub/local/n1ka0/animation URL: Animations -> Host: Path: pub/ascii/art/movies URL: Animations -> Host: Path: pub/msdos/demos/ansi URL: Color graphics o Gopher Servers: ASCII Art Bazaar -> Host: Items: 11, 1 Over 12 megabytes, thousands of pieces in many categories. TTU Gopher -> Host: Items: 7, 1 URL: gopher: // Stanford Gopher -> Host: medmail.Stanford.EDU Items: 2, 1 URL: gopher://medmail.Stanford.EDU/11/other.stuff/pictures/ o World Wide Web: Chris' WWW Page -> URL: -> URL: o Mailing list: ASCII Art listserv list -> Address: Message: subscribe asciiart o FTP Mail Servers: -> Address: Message: help -> Address: Message: help -> Address: bitftp@pucc.bitnet Message: help ============================================================================ PLEASE NOTE: The above Archive locations are not guaranteed. ============================================================================
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