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GorkamorkaBRAND NEW GAME!!!

Are you ready for some heart-pounding, gear-shifting, fast-driving, gun-shooting, over the top, all out Orky action? If you're sure you can handle it, then Gorkamorka is just right for you.

Just what the heck is it?

Years ago, the planet Angelis had the grave misfortune of having a massive Space Hulk crash into it. This small event destroyed all life on the planet, well almost... The inhabitants of the Space Hulk were a hardy lot and soon began to thrive in the desert world that resulted from their accident. They are a constant threat to the Universe. They were green. They were Orks. WAAAGH!

What's in the box.Gorkamorka is the action-packed game of Orks gone amuck. Rival Ork gangs scour the desert looking for metal scrap to trade for passage on the new Space Hulk being built by the Mekboyz. Since only the best, hardiest, and most resourceful Orks are going to get to go on the new Hulk, it is up to your gang of Orks to prove your the toughest on the Skid!

What's in the box?

Gorkamorka gives you two forces with enough Orks and vehicles to start bashing rival gangs across the tabletop right away. You get all the rules, templates, dice, and accessories to get you started quickly. Besides all the great Citadel Miniatures and vehicles, you also get a huge Ork fort, battlefield accessories, and even glue.

New Citadel Miniatures!

To start Gorkamorka off right, we are releasing a whole slew of models to go with it, from Ork vehicles and Yoofs to Ork Nobz and Spanner Boyz. This month you get it all.

An Ork TrukkORK NOBZ

Every gang starts with a Nob, some big and powerful Ork whose goin' ta show'em all how it's done! Brian Nelson has sculpted three terrific looking models to get your gang off to a good start.


If you have vehicles (and what self-respectin' Ork Mob wouldn't?) then your going to need some Spanner Boyz. Spannerz are Orks who are lucky enough to have an innate affinity for An Ork Trak.gunz, vehicles, and machinery in general.


There are just tons and tons of new miniatures and vehicles on the way! Are you ready to make your gang the toughest anyone has ever seen? If so, grab your shoota, and rev up your engine, because Gorkamorka is on a collision course with greatness.

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