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Grimskul's Gorkamorka Page

Dis many orkzhave come here!

Last Updated 07-27-98

Wat's dat? Yuz bofering me? Gerrout of the way ya lil' tiddler or
feel me iron toecaps! WAK! Yuz shuda listned to me, yu zoggin'
idiot! Good, now that tha'ts over. Welcome to my page. This
page is dedicated to the awesomE game of Gorkamorka.
Gorkamorka is a game from THE GAMES WORKSHOP who
make Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy.

I have put a guestbook and a forum on my page, so if you have
any questions or just want to go and see what people are doing
in the Gorkamorka world, click on the Deja News link, and have
a look around. Please sign my guestbook. I would really
appreciate it.

I also have a mailing list, so if you want updates on my page, or
you want to get mailed some new gubbinz, join it.

Me mob is called Grimskul's Danga' Boyz. Right now, I have 1
trukk, 1 bike, 1 slaver, 1 nob, and 6 boyz.If yuz has any
comments, e-mailz me, and me will pit itz on the page. See how
itz workz, yu zoggin' idiot!

Da Banners

If any companies come and look for their banner, go to this link.

Da Game uv Gorkamorka

Scenarios N Campaigns

Snots and Der Wagons

Me Gubbinz Page

Da Noo Troops Page

Me 'ouze of Roolz

Da Kontribuchuns

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Dis Gorkamorka Webring thingy is owned by Grimskul.

Doo ya wanna join da Gorkamorka Webring?
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Visit my Member Forum at Deja News.

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