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Da 'ouze Roolz

Come in, zit down, n talk ta me z'about ya trubles. I'l give hir a guw, n if me canz anzwer itz, Iz will!!

Spin Outs

On any turn that a vehicle suffers a spin-out, all shooting from the vehicle will be at -1 to BS to hit, and only boyz with hand-to-hand weapons and fixed weapons may fire because they have to hold on to kepp from being thrown overboard; and all hand-to-hand combat by riders will be at -1 to WS, and they will only be able to use one weapon, as their other hand is needed to hold on. This is to represent the boyz being off-balance and having to grab on to something to keep from falling over board.

Front-to-Front rams against Stationary Vehicles

The rammed vehicle still suffers D6 penetrating hits, but the ramming vehicle will only take D3, as the momentum is nowhere near what it would be if both vehicles were in motion, and the stationary vehicle is more easily knocked out of the way.

Bigger Beds On Traks and Trukks

This rule states that for a bigger bed on a trukk or trak, you must pay more teef. For every square inch of space you put on, it cost 2 teef. This is to prevent people coming up with monster traks that can hold an entire mob on it.

Rooves on Trukks and Traks

This is more of a special costomization, but what are you going to do? For 5 teef, you can get a roof on you trak, trukk, or buggy! This makes it harder to throw gernades in to your vehichle, so your oppenet get -1 to hit for gernades. Counts as gubbinz, and like any other gubbins, they can be damaged and is useless for the rest of the battle. After wards, your spanner can fix it right up.

Thaz all from me 'Ouze of Roolz fur now, so git out er me way before ya feel me iron toecaps.

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