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Pagan Sites

    AUTUMNRAINS WICCAN PAGE - Info on Tarot..Herbalism..Ritual..Candle Magic and more. 
    Badger Books - A Catalogue and Critical Review of Mystical and Mythological Books 
    Blessed Be and Meet Me in DC! - The site for the nat'l pagan gathring in DC last Samhain-now carries photos and writings of the event. We plan another in '99 and soon will have our own domain. 
    Blue Moon Gallery - A unique place where you can find original incense burners at affordable prices. Magical items of all kinds, information on herbs, aromatherapy and the Goddess.  
    Cedarlight Grove, ADF - Cedarlight Grove celebrates the druidic fellowship in Baltimore,  
    Maryland, as the local grove of Ar nDraiocht Fein (, creating a public tradition of  neopagan druidism. 
    Celestial Creations - A Pagan owned and operated Cyber-Shop, hoping to serve all your magickal and infomative needs 
    Chrissy's Pagan Spiritual Pages - Free Pagan graphics & background sets, free horoscopes,  Goddess Charge, familiars, Pagan poetry, Merry Meeting Place message oard, & much more.  
    Chronicles of an Apprentice - This site chronicles my studies in Druidism and allows me to share what I have learned with others. 
    Crescent Moongoddess - We are an online catalog dealing with Pagan/Wiccan supplies such as incense, oils, potions, wands, chalices, candles, bath salts , jewelry & more. We have an online  Book Of Shadows, Pagan articles & more. 
    Denises Majick - Merry Meet! Updated weekly, you never know what you will find at Denises Majick. Come visit me & sign my guestbook. Or e-mail me at 
    Earthlore Explorations - Personal journeys through World culture.  Cultural explorations through a broad range of themes, including Myth, Symbolism, Astrology, Celtic lore/history and Earth mysteries. 
    Ellylldan's - Poetry by Pagans 
    Eternal Ecstasy - Eternal Ecstasy is a site about different pagan beliefs and practises 
    Four Quarters Farm - - A landed Pagan retreat in the mountains of PA. "We exist to provide safe, cared for land for purposes of ritual and spirit, open to all Earth Spirited people." 
    Griffinlady's Pagan Pages - Paganism, Wicca, personal philosophy, free clip art, A pagan's Guide to Web Crafting, links, canine familiar lore, etc. always and forever underconstruction... 
    Intelligence - My page is about intelligence. You can make an IQ test if you go to my page.., it`s free! 
    Irminsul Asatru - - The Irminsul Asatru page also includes information on Paganism, Metaphysical groups, Shamanism and other areas that would be of interest. 
    Le CORDE - A Roman Pagan Resource And Networking Page.  
    Magick and Paganism Page - - An incredible array of links to archive sites, online stores, online zines, mailing lists, and networking. Check it out! 
    Magitech Home Page - - Here you will find very interesting concepts of magic, grimoires, the magitech archives, tarot, spells, and much more! 
    Mjolnir's Pagan and Wicca Page - A site dedicated to the Pagan and Wiccan religions, but all  religions are welcome. Includes basic information, a forum, an automatic "add-a-link" page, many  links, and a lot more. 
    Moonmins Paranormal Page - A weird page written and maintained by two witches. Contains info on Gods and Goddesses, herbs, numerology, real-life and fictional stories as well as poetry and recipes. 
    Moonsites44 - Moonsites44 is a mixture of traditional meets techno meets new age spiritual. We are looking for Angels, Spirits, Moonchildren and Lightworkers to network with. Aradia is our Avatar and Goddess of our site. Our "familiar cat" Spoook hosts a Best Books page. Nice art, wallpaper and music. Webring owner of Circle of Spiritual women, links to Witches Voice, Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. Mailing list. New site as of June 9th. Blessed Be! 
    Morgaine's Mystical Journey - My homepage while new and in constant revision is meant for those seeking enlightenment and thoughts on unity. I also provide a list of books for those  interested in learning more about paganism, Wicca, etc. I am working on a separate page that will be up soon that is pure research info. for the solitary practioner. Blessed Be! 
    Morgana's witching hour & pagan message board - A place for education & anything witchy. Tons of info on Paganism/Wicca, magickal names, poetry, networking, & message board + much more! So mote it be! 
    Mystique Impressions - We are a Retail and Wholesale Mail Order Business. We offer a wide range of products including Armatherapy for ritual and therapuetic use, Athames, Candles,  Cauldrons, Chalices, Crystals, Essence Oils, Gem Stones, Herbs, Incense, and more! Check out  our website and/or e-mail us today to request your catalog. Blessed Be! 
    Onyx Dimensions - A Heathen informational resource with over 400 pages. Subjects include: traditional Witchcraft, herbalism, anthropology, magick, Celtic folklore, and Viking cultural beliefs.  
    Out of the Broom Closet - This is a page that's still under construction in the sense that I'm always doing stuff with it, and it's fairly new. The central theme to it is Dianic Paganism. I'm also setting up an area where I invite people to help me with a project I am working on to create an online Pagan  songbook. 
    Pagan Awareness Guild - PAG is an organization with a sole purpose of helping promote positive images of the craft and pagan lifestyles. Also to give pagans a point of contact. 
    Pagan Best of The Web - A page that awards Pagan sites based on nominations, content, and Paganness. Many, many links. 
    Pagan Resources Page - The Pagan Resources Page is a large meta-index of Pagan sites and services on the Internet. 
    Pagan-Home - Website of a no flame pagan e-mail list. The site has a book of shadows, fiction, and links as well as a subscription page. 
    pagan/wicca/youth page - this site is made for the new or youthful pagan, it has some links and info on wicca that are good. my 11 year old and i made this one together 
    Panpipe's Page - - Contains info abot the Between The Worlds Conference, The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, Delaware area Pagan/Wiccan resources, essays, and more. 
    Path Notes of A Suburban Pagan - My personal experiences as a practicing pagan 
    QGal`s World of Pictures! - This is a page where you can find a whole wide of collection of  archives and celebrities. It also has great links! ^_^ Basically this page is CUTE!!! Don`t forget to sign the guestbook! 
    Rare Earth 
    Raven's Loft - - The Raven's Loft is a magical resource page designed around the works of Scott Cunningham. 
    Rayven's Sanctum of Inner Peace - An overview of different areas involving Paga. both Pagans and non Pagans welcome. Blessed Be 
    Santeria Homepage - - There's a new Santeria Homepage on the WWW. It is written and  maintained by a priest in the religion. I thought you might be interested. Enjoy and ache!!! 
    Seattle Pagan E-mail List - This is the home page for the Seattle Pagan E-mail List (seapagan-list).  It contains information on this list, its members, and a listing of local, Seattle, resources of possible interest to list members. 
    Signposts to the Inner Light - This site is still under construction, but it will offer information on  Crystals, the Tarot, Wicca, Inspirational messages and a list of suggested readings.  
    Silverwind - - Currently it's just a links list, but "soon I'll be uploading Pathways, Houston's pagan community newsletter archive copies along with other things of interest." 
    SisterSpirit - an interesting web page. SisterSpirit in Oregon (not the same as Camp Sister  
    Spirit...they are not part of our group.) 
    Spirit Online - It's hard to categorize this site! Astral projection, Wiccan education and resources, an online community for those of all spiritualities, poetry, free graphics and webmaster resources, meditation, angels... well, check it out! 
    Spirit Pathways - - a listing of alternative spiritual resources in the Wisconsin area 
    Spirit Web - - A dedicated spiritual world-wide-web site which comprehends spirituality in a  modern context in review of ancient teachings and religious belief-systems. 
    Sterling's Pagan Home Page - A personal web site dedicated to paganism and wicca. Personal info, Rede, Wicca 101, Pagan Holidays, and Pagan Events. Links to other Pagan sites. 
    Summerland Grove - - A resourceful and interesting site. Also offers a publication. 
    Temple of Athena - For those who respect Athena and Wisdom. Offering chat, philosophical  discussion via E-Mail and general inspiration 
    The Blackthorn Grove Home Page - The home page of Blackthorn Grove offers you a taste of Druidry that has less fruit and more fiber...  
    The Druid's Grove - Dedicated to the healing and homefinding of those who have been injured by the religious intolerance of the church 
    The Fluid Druid's Headspace - This is the New and Improved Fluid Druid's Headspace. Inside you will find: info. on Wicca, Quotes, Cool Concepts, and a chat room to use for classes and discussion. As well as songs and poetry. The Fluid Druid's Headspace is dedicated to exploring both the core concepts common to all paths and the promoting of personal freedom. Feel free to use my chatroom  
    The Gods' Grove - A site conatining everything for the beggining Witch, to the experienced one, and everyone in between. Please check out our FREE email newsletter, chatroom, on-line classes and workshops, networking section, and much, much more... 
    The High Plains Magick and Pagan Page - - Wow! This is a wonderful resource for anybody following a path. Great graphics, extensive content, and well organized. 
    The Lullaby Pit - The Lullaby Pit is Road Angel's Cultural Resource. It features lots of original  writing -- journalism, commentary, poetry, fiction, etc. -- some art, and an extended collection of paganism and Wicca resources, some of which are links and some which is unique to the Pit. 
    The Mystic Gryphon and Temple of Divine Mysteries - The Mystic Gryphon wholesales and  retails its handmade incense and supplies. The Temple of Divine Mysteries, a group who maintains its temple at the Gryphon, serves the Alabama area with its open pagan/wiccan holidays and new moon study coven. Classes and tarot are available as well. 
    The Nexus - Wiccan/Pagan Link Nexus. Very much a work in progress. 
    The Pagan Community Homepage - I hope this is a good source of information on pagan groups on and off the net. Please feel free to e-mail if you find errors in these pages or if you'd like to see some changes. 
    The Pagan Pages - The Pagan Pages is a forum created for the purpose of strengthening ties in the world Pagan Community by providing free advertising, announcements, and networking for Pagan and Pagan friendly people and their businesses.  
    The Rampant Lion - Gaelic/Celtic Traditionalist scholarly study and spirituality. From Jon & Tay, Sanford, North Carolina 
    The Rampant Lion - Over 10 meg of Pagan Gaelic Traditionalist information. Gaelic Traditionalist one who takes from scholastically sound works and combines this with a spiritual side gained only by spending time within Nature. 
    The Willow Tree - a source for pagan, wiccan, and magickal tools! 
    The Witches' Hearth - A page dedicated to providing Pagans around the US with the best links for  FAQs, networking, organizations, history of the Burning Times, and more! 
    Theodish Belief - - Anglo-Saxon Retro-heathenry 
    Thoron Blackthorn's Druid's Grove 
    Virtualis Homepage - Looking to Make or Host a Webpage Professionally?? Looking for a  Professional Web Hosting Servive for you business?? 24hr Tech. Support Assistance, Network  Tools, Friendly and Easy Service, and much more!!! 
    Web Pagans Network - The Web Pagans Network is a dynamic organization-a constantly  
    growing web of networking links, lists, and information. Visit our page for a random link to one of our members' pages, a Pagan lightbulb joke, and the current phase of the moon. 
    Whispering Trees - Lehigh University's Occult and Pagan Society. Lots of files and information. Real world stuff. 
    Witch/Pagan Resources - The Witch/Pagan Resources is dedicated to providing information and offering a safe place for pagans to meet and discuss ideas on the web. We are proud to offer these services to the internet community and hope to be able to grow to support the ever expanding needs of our users. 
    [Pagan Sites][Organizations][Personal Pages][Magazine][Commerce][Music]

Organized Pagans

    Angelseaxisce Ealdriht Web Page - A church for the ancient Asatru religion ofthe Anglo-Saxons. The site has informationon cosmology, the soul, festivals, and rites. 
    BearMoon Coven Homepage - BearMoon Coven is an ecclectic tradition in the Indianapolis area devoted to the spiritual growth of it's members through worship combining Wiccanism and Shamanism. 
    CAWeb: The Official Website - - A well organized, often updated, and rich website for the Church of All Worlds. 
    Central Vermont Open Circle of Wicca & Wicce - A public Pagan society and non-profit organization based in Addison County, Vermont -- working to unite Vermont Pagans, and educate the general public. 
    Friends of the Earth - Friends of the Earth is a non-profit Earth Religious organization located in Modesto, California. We are made up of and dedicated to those who follow Earth Spiituality. Our goals include: * Spiritual Growth * Religious Tolerance * Community Service * Public Awareness * Education For more information about Friends of the Earth, please visit our website. Bright Blessings RavenMoon 
    Gardiens in Twilight 
    GOLDEN DAWN - Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Orden Hermetica de la Golden Dawn. Templo L.V.X. Thot - Argentina. "Vagabundo en la inhospita oscuridad, te llamamos a la Suave Luz!" Junto a la Golden Dawn crecemos y florecemos. Debemos darnos tiempo y, con paciencia y persistencia, la oscuridad de la noche pasara, el Sol saldra y las sombras desapareceran.  
    Maine Pagan Resource Page - A networking resource for those seeking Pagan contacts in Maine. Newsletters, businesses, and information on joining the Maine Pagan Mailing List. 
    Maine Pagan Resource Page - This page is intended to provide information on Pagan and Wiccan publications and resources in Maine. 
    Mugwort Grove, ADF Homepage - - Having passed the challenge of the Gatekeeper, You arrive in the sacred space of Mugwort Grove, ADF 
    Nova Roma - Nova Roma is dedicated to the study and restoration of classical Roman religion, society, and culture. 
    PaCO Homepage - Pagan Campus Organization at the University of Maine at Orono. Feel free to drop us a line from our web page! 
    Religion:other and Universal Eclectic Wicca Infopage 
    Society for Paganism and Magic - - The Society for Paganism and Magic is a club for expanding and sharing knowledge about different kinds of Pagan and magical beliefs. 
    The Arktion Federation - The Federation is dedicated to the heritage, regions, traditions and native faiths of Europe and its peoples. We uphold the ethos of our pagan civilisation, the validity of ' our pagan myths and mysteries as an accurate path of understanding of Nature, Evolution and our own potential. 
    The Church of the Divine Earth - I have created a young church titled The Church of the Divine Earth. It is located at: It is also located in Dallas, Texas. The mission is to become the largest free membership church in the world, promoting pagan spirituality. 
    The Official DALnet #teenwicca homepage - An mIRC group of Teen Pagans who gather on DALnet and chat about teenstuff. ALL AGES WELCOME!! 
    Wiccanet - Wiccanet is a Wiccan Study Group in the Ames, IA area with links to other Wiccan resources in the Central Iowa area. Check out who we are, what we are up to! Blessed Be. 
    YPO Teen Paganism Book - A book for and by teen Pagans- written by members of the YPO. Will contain first-hand accounts about the broomcloset, discrimination, magick, and beleifs. Come visit us to find out more about this book- we know you'll enjoy it (when we finally finish!). Blessed Be!! 
    [Pagan Sites][Organizations][Personal Pages][Magazine][Commerce][Music]

Pagan Personal

    Amber Moon's Pagan Planet - info on practising in australia, links, images, and contacts, still under construction 
    Amunet - Links that have helped me in my spiritual walk. And also has links that I have looked over and allow my kids to have fun on. 
    Ander's Magick Page - An interesting page with information on all kinds of Magick, Mysticism, and Weirdness... 
    BrookWeb - Goth, Computer Hardware and Software, Travel, Schools and more - this is my personal home page. Enjoy! 
    Carol's Magickal Mystery Connection - A small page (and I do emphasize the word "page") about my personal interests, my magickal path, some web sites, and web rings I am a member of. Click on, and let me know what you think. Don't forget to sign the guestbook! 
    Castle Pook - Pagan Ireland Link. Take a walk through Bev and Del's castle in Ireland and learn more about the ancient Pagan ways from those living it. 
    Dragon Manor - A real life pagan spouting his celtic shaman/druid philosophy. Eager for questions and comments. Truth and Knowledge always! Lots of links too. 
    DreamLand - Welcome to DreamLand! Some call it a "Home Page," I prefer: "The cyber-expression of my Separate Reality." There are various unique things to find, here - so come on in!  
    Druid_Dale's home page - This is currently a work in progress. We are hoping to bring our store, Magikal Wishing Well, online very soon. Keep watching. 
    Joan's Personal Page - A personal page with some great ideas, information, and graphics. 
    Lizard's Personal Pagan - - Incarnation instant breakfast! 
    NyghtGodys's Home Page - This site has some tidbits on me, Nyght, as well as some cool Pagan and Faery sites full of interesting info. So come on in, sit back, put your feet up, and take a peek around. Any input you have is welcome. Any sites you think should be added, send the links on over. Always, Nyght. Blessed Be. 
    Personnae of the Tree of Life - - Homepage of the author of GLOBAL RITUALISM,MYTH & MAGIC AROUND THE WORLD,Denny Sargent (Llewellyn, 1994) 
    Robert Karnecki - - An ocult centered personal home page. 
    Sinclair Andersen - - This is a Swedish Personal Pagan Page. 
    The Craft - - Enough cool stuff to keep you busy for hours. Links, current phase of the moon and more! 
    the wilkinson residence - Our website has pagan/wicca stuff,u.f.o.'s,games,e.t.c 
    UniTheism: My definition - Personal page's about UniTheism. A few of my favourite Pagan links pages. 
    WiccanGurl's WiccanPage - A brand new but growing page complete with a BoS, lots of information on elements, many charts, a section on writing spells, and a links page too. 
    Wiccanlez - The personal page of the Priestess and one of the contacts for COMMA - Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie. 
    [Pagan Sites][Organizations][Personal Pages][Magazine][Commerce][Music]


Pagan Artisans and Commerce

    Aquarian Arts Studio - Though still under construction, our site will soon contain wiccan related art and craft items. It is currently geared toward the Society for Creative Anachronism ( a mideval/rennasaince re-enactment group). I consider myself Wicca, tho I practice solo.  
    Morgan the Celt. 
    Astrology et al Bookstore - - This is a great Seattle bookstore. Their homepage offers a listing of rare books, new entries into their database, and a few other products. Everything is available via mailorder. Check it out! 
    Cat's Eye Metal Works - Online catalog and gallery of my Gothic/Industrial metal clothing, jewelry, and artwork. All are my own, hand made creations. 
    Designs By Donna Pagan CyberStore - Pagan/New Age/Metaphysical CyberStore with a Library of information for the taking, links page, your questions answered by experienced & knowledgeable HPs and HPSs through email and more! We offer one of the largest selections of pentagrams! Jewelry, sterling silver, bronze, gold, amber, chains, ritual tools, clothing, cloaks, robes, swords & knives, hand forged custom athames, leather goods, medieval/renaissance costumes, SCA, Roundezvous, and a Bargain/Sale page which is updated regularly. Some of the LOWEST PRICES you will see on the web!!!! And NO SHIPPING CHARGES added to our low prices.  
    GypsyMoon - An online catalog page with lots of cool clothing. 
    HOLLOW TREE ART GALLERY - artwork,gemstones,carvings,new artists 
    Kami Web Design Corporation. - Website development for only 25$! -With JavaScript, framework, logo design, picture design and animation, banner design, Video and Sound. -Everything you possibly ever wanted in a website! 
    Snapdragon Gifts & WitsEnd Productions - "Nothing Mundane" A pagan friendly cyberstore carrying unique jewelry, home altars, candle and incense holders, greeting cards, sculpture and more Celtic, Pagan, New Age, Fantasy and Nature Designs. 
    The Enchanted Willow Alchemy Shoppe - - a new "virtual store" on the Internet. "We specialize in items of particular interest to pagans (and we are pagan ourselves)." 
    Under The Sun Design - Graphic Design/artistic stuff. 
    Witchery - - A Witches craft store page! Lots of cool and interesting links, files, and information. 
    Written For You - We create personalized poems and even song lyrics for any season, any reason. To see examples please feel free to visit. We write light poetry, poems for lovers, poems for loved ones. You supply the "why" and the "who" we do the rest...A professional writer will "create" your poem suitable for framing and gift giving. Makes a GREAT gift for the holidays or anytime!!! Visit our website NOW!! And thank you for considering Written For You. 
    [Pagan Sites][Organizations][Personal Pages][Magazine][Commerce][Music]


    Alanis Morissette - - We haven't checked out this site yet... isn't that ironic?? 
    Alison's Alternative Homepage - Woohoo! Alternative Rock!! Links, pictures and even my very own chatroom to or about any good, alternative rock bands! 
    Cheap American Products - This is not "exactly" a Pagan site, it's just that all the members in this band are Pagan with the exception of one. Since we're Pagan, we wanted to be listed. 
    Christian Death FTP Archive - Christian Death images, bios, discographies and FAQs; Shadow Project info; info on Whitby; alt.gothic archives, discographies, gothic images, interviews, sound clips and lyrics.  
    Circle Of Isis - Please visit our homepage and while you are there take time to join our webring. Blessed Be! 
    Cocteau Twins News - - A good source for release information, as well as history and discography. 
    Dead Can Dance - - A beautiful website. Contains a complete discography, history, and pictures of DCD. Also contains .au sound recordings from Lisa Gerrard's The Mirror Pool. 
    Four Winds Earth Chorus - Four Winds is an all-volunteer not-for-profit cooperative choral group in NYC created for the purpose of performance and promotion of the sacred music of Pagan, Native American and Earth-Honoring peoples. 
    Joy Division - - Atrocity Exhibition - an extensive tribute to Joy Division. 
    Kristin Hersch - - A rock and roll Goddess! See also: Throwing Muses. 
    Ministry - - A complete discography and history. Contains pictures and lyrics for most albums. 
    Nirvana - - A complete history (future and past) of a recent band to "join that stupid club." 
    Pagan Rock Bands on the Web - Links to bands of a pagan persuasion, with artists running the gamut from folk to techno-metal.  
    PJ Harvey - - Little fish big fish swimmin' in the water. Come back here man gimme my daughter. 
    Serpentine Music Productions - The best site for finding Pagan music of ANY type, on or off the web. Searchable catalog, monthly specials, contests and information on Pagan music and culture. 
    The Reeling Wench - Sing a song. Raise a glass. Make a toast. The Reeling Wench is, quite simply, a Bard's tavern on the web. Stop in and Share a glass! 
    [Pagan Sites][Organizations][Personal Pages][Magazine][Commerce][Music]

"Collected Wisdom" made by Daniel S.  9/5/1998