We are a small kennel, breeding one or two quality litters a year. We can keep in close
contact with our clients for support, to answer questions, or to give referrals for Obedience
Classes, Conformation, or simple puppyhood issues.

Our personal companions are working in real life security dogs. Our boys and girls are all
hard working, only aiming to please with a lot of heart, giving their all. Our breeding
program is very selective. Jeri is a retired veterinary technician, and has studied genetics
for years to produce massive, heavy boned, stable temperament, hard-drive dogs,
structured correct, with loyalty pronounced.

All our dogs are OFA certified, DNA tested, internal organs sound. Our puppies are
guaranteed with contract. We cover hip and internal organ guarantees, leaving our home
with a health certification from our veterinarian, are wormed and have at least the first and
second vaccinations, along with Pedigree. We promote Obedience Classes heavily or
Schutzhund. We have dogs involved in Therapy, 4-H, Search and Rescue and Police

All our pups are competition-able, but as you can see they also make great companions
and trusted buddies.