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Here are some related Bicycling links (Tandem and other):

Tandems East

White Clay Bicycle Club

The Tandem Link

Visit other tandem clubs

Tandems Limited

Shop for tandem stuff at

Precision Tandems - (great information)

Road Bike Shopping new & used bikes etc.

Centric Bicycle Link Blue Book

Brindisi Biking & Hiking Tours

Imagine Tours

Bike and the Like Tours

Pack & Pedal Europe

Far and Away Cycling

Tandem Bike Tours

KUCHARIK Cycling Apparel

Branford Bike  (search tandem bike)

Great collection of T-shirts, drink ware /mugs, home décor, signs, aprons, lots of fun stuff

T-shirts, ties, tote bags, embroidered pullover , ,

Tandem products, vintage posters, jewelry, note cards, (search tandem bike)  (search tandem bike)

Big variety of unique tandem bicycle things links to other sites

Magazines of Interest:

Tandem Magazine

Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine

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