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Travel Beach Sea and Sun
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Mexico -- Rich history and culture, beautiful nature, beaches and sunshine, and friendly people .With rich and fascinating history, beautiful nature, beaches and sunshine, and friendly people, Mexico is one of the world's favorite vacation destinations. Located on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is Mexico's famous resort.
Bali, Indonesia -- Island of the Gods and tropical paradise. With rich history, culture and arts, beautiful beaches, green rice fields, and tropical climate, Bali, a tiny tropical island off the eastern shore of Java, Indonesia, is one of the world's greatest tourist destinations. Bali has been considered a paradise more than a century ago.
Antigua -- An ideal paradise for scuba diving, snorkeling... Antigua is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east-southeast of Puerto Rico. With tropical marine climate with little seasonal temperature variation, Antigua is a beautiful and pleasant tropical island with more than 360 beaches along its about 100 kilometers coastline.
The Bahamas -- A Caribbean Paradise. With warm and crystal clear waters, white and pink sandy beaches, luxury beachfront resorts, and a quick 25-minute flight from Florida's southeast coast, the Bahamas is one of the Caribbean favorite destinations for tropical vacation.
Thailand -- A Fascinating Country ,The Land of the Free With tropical jungles, sandy beaches, gleaming temples, Thai cuisine and friendly people, Thailand attracts about seven millions tourists every year from around the world to come to explore this amazing and mystic nation.
Guadeloupe -- A Caribbean paradise with European style and Creole charm .Guadeloupe main two islands Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre form a shape like open butterfly wings. Grande-Terre, the eastern wing, is flat with low rolling terrain and beautiful sand beaches and is an ideal place for snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing and sailing. Most of the resorts are located along Grande-Terre shoreline.
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