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Tri-K Barrel Race

Lazy E / BBR Layovers, Exhibitions & Jackpot - April 19 & 20

RESULTS - Tuesday, April 20, 2010


CASH ONLY - An ATM is on site at the Lazy E.

Monday, April 19th
Exhibitions 6-?pm ($4/run)

Tuesday, April 20th
Exhibitions 3-7pm ($4 Run)

Jackpot 7:30pm (Class Order):

Novice Youth ($10 Fees)
Straight jackpot, 14 & Under (Walkers, Trotters, Lopers only please) 
You cannot enter any other classes except exhibitions if you run in Novice.

Junior Open ($15 fees)
Straight Jackpot

Open 4D ($25 Fees)

Each of the fees in the jackpot classes above include a $5 office charge per run.

Layovers for BBR Finals

Lazy E will be offering layover stalls/rv's following the April 16-18 Winter Barrel Blast for those going to BBR Finals in OKC.  

If you layover at Lazy E you will also have access to the outdoor exercise arena. 

Stall rates are:  
$50 weekend (April 15-April 18 during Winter Barrel Blast);
Monday-Tuesday will be an additional $20 total for those who entered the Barrel Blast

Those stalling Mon-Tues only will be $20/night.

RV's: $25/night

Go to www.trikbarrels.com for more details and updates.