Tri-K Barrel Race

Jud Little Bar Nothin Barrel Bash

Awards & Accolades
Duncan, OK 5D Race $1000 Added & AQHA - Dec 16-17, 2017
Sapulpa, OK $1100 Added 5D Barrel Race; AQHA; Poles - Feb 2-4, 2018
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Please Note:  Scratched entries listed do not count for AQHA show points.  Only horses that  run count.  
AQHA Results are UNOFFICIAL, until AQHA audits results in Amarillo and posts them to their website at

RESULTS Jud Little AQHA 09/21/11

RESULTS Jud Little AQHA 09/22/11

RESULTS Jud Little AQHA 09/23/11

RESULTS Jud Little AQHA 09/25/11