Here's pictures of what we've been up to. Enjoy!
Tribal Fest III 2003
Rakassah West 2003
"I strive to set, meet and raise standards for this art. You Ladies have certainly set a bar that I will work very hard to achieve. Thank you for sharing your hard work not only in the research you have done but sharing the joy and love for the dance with those around you." -- Libbe Greene

"Your site is cool. just beautiful energy. thanks." -- MAJA

Desert Dance Festival 2002, San Jose
"I just wanted to let you know that I thought that your performance at the Desert Dance festival a lot of fun, and wonderful to watch. "       
                             --Cheri Foster ~ Desert Roses

" I love your website.Your website is incredible and you guys do really great work!  When I am in your area again I would love to take part in your classes."
-- Lorie ~ Maya Tribe NY

"You are just as beautiful out of costume, and it was so great to meet you in person after browsing through your website so many times!!"
                           --Beth ~ Romani Urban Tribal Belly Dance

Renaissance Faire Outing
Tribal Fest II, Sebastopol

At Cafecito, San Jose
"My friends and I saw you and we thought you were fabulous. I look forward to seeing you all perform again." --Angelica Jaime
Photo shoot incorporating our newest member, Farah.

StrawHat Pizza April 27, 2002  
" I wanted to compliment you and your dancers for a wonderful evening @ Straw Hat. Not only were your costumes and dancing delightful, but I do believe you have the most gracious troupe. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing your troupe performances. I look forward to seeing more of your performances. Also, your web site is great!" -- Maureen
"It was WONDERFUL to see you and your Troupe!!!
I have always LOVED your dancing and have always wanted to
take lessons from you :) " --Kathleen Oliver (aka Kalima )
Badir's First Postcard
This limited edition postcard is available where ever you see
Tribe Badir (while quantities last)
Rakassah March 24, 2002

Cal Glass Exchange's Artist's Party
San Jose, March 23 2002
Tribe Badir welcome's it's fifth member Farah!

Tribal Dance Workshop - San Jose February 2002

Filming a show on "Tattoo's & Tassels" for television
January 2002

A little fun at the Rosacruitian Museum Oct 2001

Benicia Camel Races July 2001


San Jose Community Pride June 2001


Baycon, San Jose CA ~ May 2001


Tribal Festival. Sebastopol CA ~ May 2001


Rakassah West ~ March 2001
with the babelicious Carolena Nerricio     with one of our favorite folks- Nancy Hernandez

Rakassah West 2001

Our official mascots George & Riley