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Bedouin Tents
Please note, we are working on Badir Tribal Designs
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   Badir Tribal Designs is proud to present our line of Bedouin styled tents.

We also carry other types of tents such as Marquee's, Cabin Tents, Teepee's, Pyramids, Bakers, and more.

Here's why
our Bedouin tents
are superior:


While original Bedu tents are made of hand spun and woven goat hair (for desert conditions), our tents are made of 12.5 oz SunforgerTM Canvas and are the perfect material for the North American climates. Sunforger canvas is Marine grade & boat shrunk. It's the same canvas used to make sails for boats which must withstand the rigours of salt, sun, wind, and harsh ocean weather conditions. This canvas is superior for durability, water shedding, and is mildew resistant!


The design of our tents are based on the Bedouin tents of North Africa. This timeless structure was designed to excel in foul weather.  Not only has this design been in use for a thousand years, it is still being used today.  Our extensive research has adoped the best of the ancient design and added features to accomodate the modern user. We even offer a Tribal version for hard-core traditionalists.


One of the many features that make our tents unique are our patented heat vents. These vents can be opened to release hot air and keep the tent cool during hot weather. These same vents also serve as smoke holes so you can cook inside (during foul weather). The vents have flaps that close when you want to conserve heat, and ties to secure closed when inclimate weather arrives.

Our tent also allows you the option of deciding how tall you would like the tent to be. We can make them low to the ground, or at a comfortable height that you can easily walk around in. The choice is up to you!

Customize your Tent

Our tents are paintable! Just use ordinary latex house paint, and turn your tent into a custom tribal masterpiece!  Click on the "Paint your Tent" page for further details and pictures of a beautiful hand painted Beduin tent.

Tents that can "grow" to suit your needs!

Another wonderful feature of our tents is that you can Add-on to your tent. This allows you the option of adding space or rooms onto your existing Badir Bedouin tent. Shown above is the Caravan model with a 9X18 addition added to the rear. This addition was split into multiple sleeping alcoves and is a great place to hide your gear.


Our Beduin tents are tension tents so there is no heavy "frame" to transport and construct. Our tents have two to four main poles, and four to eight side poles so packing and transporting is a breeze. Walls can be quickly added or removed and attach to the roof with easy-to-use "S" hooks. Or if you are a traditionalist, the wall-tie option is available (at no additional price).

Easy set-up & take-down

Our tents are easy to raise and can be set-up by a single person, that's right- one person!
If you have two people, then it might take you all of twenty minutes to set up. The hardest part of setting up your tent is hammering in the stakes (that's also the hardest part of taking the tent down). It's easy to transport, quick to set-up, and looks great!

Join the Tribe!

If we happen to be at the event when you set up your new tent for the first time, then we'll be right by your side showing you all the cool tips and how to raise your tent in a snap. If not, then your tent will come with complete setup instructions.

We also include our booklet that covers everything you need to know to furnish and outfit your tent and get it looking great. Special tips on how to make traditional items like tables, lanterns, roll cushions, and a Kanoon firebox (and how to set up a traditional kitchen) are also included. As a Badir Bedouin tent owner, you are invited to join our special mailing list where we share information, tips, Bedouin related resources, receipes and of course, pictures of our creations.


The quotes below are for tent canvas only (roof & walls) and do not include shipping or poles, rope, and stakes (we will send you a customized "shopping list" that outlines everything you will need for your specific tent when you place your order). We can supply you with a complete setup (everything you'll need) for an additional charge. Contact us for a quote.

There are four sizes to choose from (custom tent sizes are also available). We produce each tent individually; a 25% non-refundable deposit is required to start production. Visa & MC accepted, we offer a 5% discount on the price of your tent for cash sales.

~The Gypsy~ $1,161. ($1,102.95 cash price)
12X14 w/ two vents/ 2 walls (*inner 10x12)
Very comfortable living space for the gypsy tribe on the go.
(the Gypsy without vents is $1,100.)

~The Caravan~ $1,372. ($1,303.40 cash price)
14X18 w/ four vents/ 2 walls (*inner 12X14)
A wonderful space, enough room to live and entertain like Gypsy Kings!

~The Harem~ $1,650. ($1,567.50 cash price)
18X22 w/ four vents/ 2 walls (*inner 16X20)
A Hafla sized tent to accommodate all your friends (and their camels too)

~The Souq~ $1,805. ($1,714.75 cash price)
20X24 w/ four vents/ 2 walls (*inner 18X22) (like ours at Pennsic)
A Palatial space of immense proportions. Host parties in grand style. Big enough for your friends and enemies (and all their camels).  

* A 1-foot eave on each side of tent sheds water away from walls (& your gear)

Each tent is produced individually with great care. We offer various options and can customize your tent to meet your needs. Our tents are guaranteed for both materials and craftmanship. We are proud of the quality tents we produce, and it shows!

Here's what satisfied customers have written about their tents:

"We just put the tent up .The set up was incredibly simple - the design is
amazing - simple and VERY well thought out,  with excellent workmanship and attention to detail.  

My husband (Mr Design Boy) is very impressed with the quality, design, and overall coolness of it!!!

It was money very well spent, and I really appreciate your patience and help!

Thanks again," --Debbie and Bruce Dressler

"I am very happy and impressed with the quality, construction and even the price! I'm sure our little family will have many happy times in it's warm embrace. We will almost certainly be calling you for another bedouin in the near future."-- Tim Parsons (AKA: Owen Prichard)

"Fits practically anywhere (since I'm down in the woods). Sets up quickly and easily with two people. Is wonderful in rainy and/or windy weather. Can be as light or as dark (with drapes) as you want. Easily personalized with paint or hangings. You can be warm and snug or open the walls to get a breeze. My encampment loves it because it is so beautiful." -- Marti Coyne (AKA: Sadika)

"I bought one of Miranda's tents and really like it. It is light/compact, easy to transport, and easy to put up. It is more of a modifed bedouin - it isn't made of goat hair (thank goodness!) and doesn't have those crazy long guy ropes. It is a bit pricier than other tents, but it is worth it because quality - it is very well sturdy and well constructed." -- Demetria

For more information on Bedouin tents, please contact
Miranda at


The Souq Model (20X24 feet)
This is our "store" that we sell out of. It's so large, that we also are able to have private sleeping quarters in the back.

The Gypsy model (12X14 feet).
This size is perfect for two to four people. A comfortable amount of room to sleep and entertain in.
Left: without walls.                                                 Right: with walls on.

(Gypsy model shown with one wall off, fringe not included)

The Caravan model (18X22 feet)
Shots of our Bedouin encampment at Beltane May 2002