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Miranda von Stockhausen
PH   408.249.5862
FAX 408.984.3876
Looks GREAT! And I LOVE your photographs! You guys must feel so beautiful seeing yourselves in those pictures--stunning! Congratulations on the fab site!
- -Mahirimah
Wonderful site! The presentation is beautiful, and I love the quotes on the far right. It's also quite easy to navigate!
-- Kutaj
LOVE THE WEB SITE!!!  Lots of cool stuff there! You did a great job! Love the spiritual and empowering aspect! Oprah, Gary 'em. Did I mention that I love the web site!?? ;-)
--Carolyn Raine
In exploring your site, I found it to be tasteful and classy. Very nice photos! :oD Most importantly, it was easy to navigate through and I did not think that it took any longer than normal to load ... Creating a site is hard work and I applaud your masterpiece!
Your web site is really cool, on several levels ... really evocative web site. Nice.
--Chuck Strinz
Congratulations on a beautiful site, Miranda!! I love it!!
--Jnina al-Qahwajiyya
Great Web site. I loved it well done well done.
--Sudeep J