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Our Products and Services
Translations from Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Rumanian, German into English.
All translations Notarized.
We translate documents, diplomas, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificates.
We provide Interpreter Services, Lanuage Training and Interim Business Contracting.

For Certificate translation we requrie a good copy of what is to be translated. Document translation fee's are set, but measured case by case.
Fee can be negotiated prior to excepting any order.

"INTERIM Businees Contact Services"
Our enterprise can assist you in the formulation of an "INTERIM" contract with the company of your choice in "Target Area". You need not be present. We will travel for you. With key notes and a basic formulation you provide, we will begin to shape your business proposition with your new partner. Simply e--mail or fax us your requirement. A 75% fee for services must be forwarded prior to going on journey to success. Details as to how the transaction will be made must be discussed and agreed to prior to travel date.