Hallicrafters S-40
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Knight 83Y118
Lafayette HE-30
Lafayette 99-50148
National NC-46
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National NC-66
National NC-88
National NC-98
National NC-109
National NC-121
National NC-173
National NC-190
National NC-270
National NC-300
National NC-400
Peavey XR-400 Mixer Amp
RME, VHF-125
Swan 117XC
Swan 350
Swan 500CX
Tektronix 130
Tektronix 5440
TMC, A-1397
WRL Globe Scout 680
Yaesu FT-101EX
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National NC-300

Knobs, See Hallicrafters Knob Page
Lid, Cabinet...$15.00
Panel, front...$15.00
Dial, bandspread...$12.0p0
Speaker with output transformer...$25.00
Bezel, main tune...$10.00/each, two in stock
Bezel, bandspread...$5.00
Cardboard gasket, main tune window...$1.00
Switch, band, front section...$16.00/each, Four in stock
Switch, band, rear section...$16.00/each, Four in stock
Switches, toggle...$2.00/each, Two in stock
Control, volume...$3.00/each, Three in stock
Control, sensitivity...$8.00/each, Two in stock
Control, pitch # 54B028...$12.00/each, Four in stock
Cap, main and bandspread tune...$12.00/each, Three in stock
Terminal, antenna...$2.00
Sockets (2), dial lamps...$1.00/pr, Two pair in stock
Sockets, tube, 8-pin octal...$1.00/each
Socket, #80 tube, 4- pin...$2.00
Can, IF front # 50C185...$12.00
Can, IF front # 50H185...$12.00/each,two in stock
Can, IF middle # 50C192...$12.00
Can, IF middle # 50H192...$12.00/each, two in stock
Can, IF rear # 50C186...$12.00
Can, IF rear # 50H186...$12.00/each, two in stock
Speaker mount hdwe, felt/grommets/screws...$5.00/all
Bracket/flywheel/pully/2 shafts...$5.00/each, Two in stock
Jack, phones...$2.00
Screws, speaker mount, original  (4)...$1.00/set, Two sets in stock
Screws (3), main tune bezel original...$1.00/set, Two sets in stock
Screws (5), lid hinge...$2.00/set
Shaft, bandswitch...$2.00/each, Two in stock
Shiping is extra.