Ecology Resources

The Alaska Zoo
PO Box 244453
Anchorage, AK 99524-4453

Mission: The Alaska zoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation through education. Our mission is to provide homes for arctic and sub-arctic wildlife in a natural setting for the enjoyment and educational enrichment of Alaskan residents and visitors.

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission Adults: $9, Seniors: $8, Children (12-17yrs): $5, Children (3-11yrs): $4

Exhibits: The Alaska Zoo contains a lot of endangered species that are protected at the zoo. One of these exhibits contains two Amur tigers named Al and Steve which helps teach people about the tigers and remedy falsely assumed facts such as their name, which most people think is Siberian. This is not actually true because the tigers are from Amur, Russia not Siberia like most people think.

Events/classes/activities: At the Alaska Zoo they offer day camps for children up to 8 yrs old to learn about endangered species and many other animals in Alaska.

Additional resources: The Zoo also offers many school resources such as tours for all ages and classes to learn about different animals at the zoo. They also offer detailed information about the endangered animals that are kept at the zoo.

"Behind the scenes" efforts: One of the “behind the scenes” efforts is the care of the animals themselves. The zoo offers a program to adopt an animal, which covers the cost of that animal for one year. This helps keep the animals fed and cared for on a limited budget and helps the zoo greatly.

Volunteer opportunities: The Alaska Zoo offers many volunteer opportunities. Some volunteers teach classes while others take care of the animals hands on. Almost anything that you want to do can be done as a volunteer.

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