Ecology Resources

Blue Spring State Park
2100 West French Avenue
Orange City, Florida

Mission: This State Park is trying to provide a manatee refugee as well as provide a beautiful and fun place for people to explore and learn more about nature.

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission: $5.00 per vehicle, $1.00 per person or bicyclist

Exhibits: Sometimes there are special informational exhibits about the manatees that Blue Spring State Park harbors.

Events and Activities: They give boat tours through the St. Johns River that give ecological sightings of every plant and animal that they come across. They also give kayaking and canoeing tours to show more of the aquatic life in the St Johns River. There are also guided hikes though the park and its surroundings. Along with these guided aspects, there is also swimming, hiking, camping and fishing.

Additional Resources: They have a published bird list that gives the names of all of the birds within the State Park as well as a park brochure that gives all of the offerings that the Park has.

Behind the Scenes: They give informational pamphlets to all the guests about the manatees as an endangered species. The Park is also used as a manatee sanctuary where they can remain unharmed in the winter months.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers can greet visitors, conduct tours, help angers remove exotic plants or maintain the natural beauty of the beach. They are always in need of volunteers to help out wherever needed.

Prepared by MK