Ecology Resources

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
3900 Wildlife Way
Cleveland, OH 44109

Mission: “The Cleveland Zoological Society partners with the Zoo to improve the future for wildlife. Enjoy the benefits of membership, Adopt-an-Animal, or explore the advantages of corporate partnerships.”

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission: Adults $9 (Nov. 1-March 31: $6), Children $4

Exhibits related to ecology: The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has 84 endangered species that they protect and they also have breeding programs for 64 species to help replenish the animals that have been lost. All of these species are open to the public to observe and learn about all year long.

Events/classes/activities related to ecology: There is an opportunity to stay overnight at the zoo to observe many animals including gray wolves, bald eagles and beavers. The cost is $35 per person unless you are a zoo member in which case the cost is $33 per person. Other opportunities include student bird tracking through satellite technology and college classes ranging from zoo biology and management to math and science classes.

Additional resources for ecology: There are also links to zoo conservation and research projects, all over the world. The zoo provides a list of common research and conservation studies and workshops. They also provide a map to look up research and conservation opportunities all over the world.

“Behind the scenes” efforts: The zoo offers many classes to people of all ages including teachers educating them on the benefits of conservation. These classes include workshops about conservation for teachers and classes for students to learn about different animals and their importance in the ecosystem.

Volunteer opportunities: The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. In order to become a volunteer one has to fill out a volunteer application and complete the training program. There is also a minimum hour requirement that must be filled once you become a volunteer. After that volunteers can help in almost every part of the zoo from cleaning to being a part of the animals lives directly.

Prepared by Group 2