Ecology Resources

Euclid Creek Reservation
Cleveland Metroparks
Euclid, Ohio

Mission: The reservation's mission is to promote welfare and protect Euclid Creek and its associate riparian areas, to educate the public regarding the importance of preservation and protection, And finally to encourage cooperative interaction among all of Euclid Creeks Watershed stakeholders in order to promote the preservation of Euclid Creek.

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission: Free

Exhibits: There is a 2.5 mile long trail, which runs through the reservation, where there is wooded hillsides, where rare trees grow. Hikers can find wild life in southern part of reservations.

Additional Resources: There are many pamphlets written about the Ecology of the metroparks in general, as well as a Naturalists Almanac, and a few books on outdoor information. Many are available online at

Volunteer Opportunities: Necklace O.W.L.S. (Older Workers Leading Success) includes three distinct initiatives that offer intergenerational opportunities and increased inclusion of older (50 years and older) adults as employees, volunteers and participants in all of the Park District's programs and facilities. The initiatives include:

  • Park PathWays Intern Partnership (PPIP) O.W.L.S. to incorporate older adult volunteer mentors and tutors into the existing PPIP program to help Cleveland Municipal School District students develop workplace skills, engage in career exploration and prepare for proficiency tests;

  • Hike/Bike O.W.L.S. to develop a volunteer corps to monitor all-purpose and hiking trails throughout the Park District under the guidance of three stipended older adult coordinators.

Behind the Scenes: The Euclid Creek Reservation committee meets once a month to discuss how to keep the reservation running.

Prepared by Group 3