Ecology Resources

Great Lakes Science Center
601 Erieside Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Mission:  To educate people of all ages about science.

Open to public: Yes

Admission: Many different plans for individuals to family rates ranging from $45/yr to $150/yr.  Omnimax theatre is free with any plan.

Exhibits relating to ecology:  The Great Lakes Science Center features an exhibit specifically about how the Great Lakes came to be, how it effects other ecosystems, and how the Great Lakes are being restored.  

Events/classes/activities related to ecology:  None other than the Great Lakes exhibit described above.

Additional Resources for ecology: See above.

“Behind the scenes” efforts: None stated specifically, however, there are many descriptions about the many different types of programs a business or individual may sponsor the Great Lakes Science Center.

Volunteer Opportunities:  All positions are paid at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Prepared by Group 5