Ecology Resources

Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program
4601 East Island Drive
Oak Island, NC 28456

Mission: to preserve as many Sea Turtle nests as possible.

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission: Is not determined by the program, as they do not own the beach.

Exhibits: While there are no exhibits, there are live turtles to be seen.

Events: There are constant trips out on the beach to observe, protect, and discover turtle nests and “false crawls.”

Additional Resources: Links are provided to the National Wildlife Foundation, and the Office of Protected Resources page on sea turtles.

Behind the Scenes: The Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program goes out every day throughout the summer to locate sea turtle nests and false crawls. Sea turtle nest which appear to be in danger, whether it be by way of erosion, predation, or human interference, will be relocated.

Volunteer Opportunities: are not currently offered on the island.

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