Ecology Resources

Ohio Lake Management Society
P.O. Box 463
Kent, Ohio

Mission: The Ohio Lake Management Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Ohio's lakes and their watersheds.

Open to the public: Yes

Membership Fee:

Membership Benefits: OLMS members receive a subscription Ohio Shorelines a newsletter covering biology of lakes, lake management etc. OLMS members can attend conferences featuring specialists in lake management/restoration, hands-on workshops and training sessions, introductory courses on lake ecology, and exhibitors' presentations.

Programs/Activities: The CLAM program, sponsored by the OLMS, provides an opportunity for Ohio citizens to take an active role in learning about aquatic ecology, lake and stream water quality, and watershed management.

Volunteer Opportunities: You can volunteer for the CLAM program where you can help other people in the community learn about the lakes and streams and will receive an annual report about your stream or lake you are near.

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