Ecology Resources

Roanoke Aquarium
Airport Road
Roanoke, North Carolina

Mission: The mission of the Roanoke Aquarium is to promote understanding, appreciation and conservation of the natural and cultural resources found in North Carolina's oceans, rivers streams and other aquatic environments.

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission: adults $7, children $5

Exhibits: The aquarium has year round exhibits of man made habitats for aquatic life, similar to that of the natural aquatic habitats located in North Carolina.

Events and Activities: The aquarium has events going on year round that relates to ecology, including; wetland feeding, talks with scuba divers of what it is like under the sea and virtual tours of the ocean. You can also have birthday parties and even rent the aquarium for special events.

Additional Resources: The aquarium has great material and resources for further learning, including; teacher lesson plans, pamphlets for students, and links on their web page to different nautical preservation sites.

Behind the Scenes: The North Carolina Aquariums work with numerous state agencies and science facilities on conservation and research projects and programs. These programs include; researching turtle routes, a horseshoe crab spawning program, salt marsh and beach clean up, sea turtle rehab and hatching program and animal releases.

Volunteer Opportunities: There are many volunteer opportunities at the Roanoke Aquarium for students year round, like helping out on earth day and feeding certain animals. There is a similar adult program with activities such as preparing the food, informal presentations, and providing assistance with cleaning the tanks, Also a year round scuba program is open to all ages.

Prepared by EK