Ecology Resources

South Chagrin Reservation
Cleveland Metroparks
4101 Fulton Parkway
Cleveland, Ohio

Mission: The Mission of the Cleveland Metro Parks is to “conserve significant natural resources and enhance people's lives by providing safe, high-quality outdoor education, recreation, and zoological opportunities.”

Open to the Public: Yes

Admission: Free

Exhibits: Although there are not exhibits about ecology all-purpose trails are available. These trails offer opportunities to observe ecology in a natural state. Ecology is present regardless of who takes advantage of the ecological opportunities.

Events and Activities: The South Chagrin Reservation offers outdoor activities for young children. Crafts and nature walks provide a hands-on exploration of the outdoors. Bat watching is another activity that is offered to better acquaint the public with nature and ecology.

Additional Resources: The Institute of the Great Outdoors offers programs through the South Chagrin Reservation. These classes teach activities such as outdoor canoeing, snowshoeing and other essential outdoor activities. The South Chagrin Reservation also offers a mobile classroom. This classroom moves from park to park teaching both children and adults about the outdoors.

Volunteer Opportunities: Emerald Necklace Endowment Fund is a program set up by the Cleveland Metroparks. Volunteers run this program and educate younger generation on ways to help conserve the Metroparks.

Prepared by Group 4