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In addition to volunteering in The Saturday Tutoring Program, Brian Burtch also tutors adults at Seeds of Literacy. Read his story from the Summer 2011 Seeds of Literacy newsletter:

BrianVolunteer Spotlight: Brian Burtch

During church one Sunday morning, Brian Burtch came across an advertisement requesting volunteer tutors for Seeds of Literacy. While Brian was intrigued by how he could help, he was also hesitant, since his only experience "teaching" was helping his four children with their homework. Still, he recognized the great need for the organization's services and began to volunteer. Brian had no idea that eight years later he would still be an active tutor with Seeds of Literacy, positively impacting the lives of hundreds of adults in his community.

After just a few visits to Seeds of Literacy, Brian quickly became passionate about the program. He found it easy to work with the students and help them achieve their goals. "All of the students are focused and eager to learn," says Brian. "Each one of them brings their unique learning styles which motivates me to become a better tutor."

"Brian's kindness and warmth make him one of the most approachable tutors, and his talent at clearly explaining difficult math concepts makes him one of the most popular," says Chris Richards, Site Coordinator. One of Brian's most memorable moments as a volunteer was a day he was tutoring a student in math. While working on a problem, the student unexpectedly stopped and said to Brian, "This is the best part of my day." Brian replied, "It is the best part of mine, too."

Brian tutors students every Tuesday and Thursday evening. He is incredibly impressed with the program and the additional opportunities offered to the students, such as job fairs, career planning, and a book club. Over the years, Brian has found volunteering with Seeds of Literacy to be a very fulfilling experience.

Reprinted with permission from Seeds of Literacy


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