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Students and tutors at the Church of the Covenant


Students viewing medical pictures Kids and Tutors Experience "Health Day"

The number of children who are considered to be overweight has doubled in the past 20 years, and the number of obese adolescents has tripled in that same time frame! With those statistics in mind, "Health Day" was chosen as the theme for the Saturday Tutoring Program's special event held on April 26, 2008. A group of 43 students and 24 tutors participated in small-group sessions throughout the lower level of the church.

  • Covenant's own Dr. Danny Heng and Alexis Reedy led a session about making healthy decisions. They showed a collection of disgusting medical pictures so the kids could see the effects of bad choices. Alexis and Danny truly listened to the kids and took time to answer their questions.

  • Members of the Case Emergency Medical Service (EMS) demonstrated how they use an automated external defibrillator (AED) unit. They helped the students listen to their heartbeats with stethoscopes. Perhaps most importantly, they taught the students how to place a 911 call.

  • Personal fitness trainers, Robert Sloan and Ed Mahone, showed the groups ways to make exercise fun. The kids hopped, skipped, and crab walked across the dining room. They had contests to see who could hover the longest before sitting down on a chair. Whether doing pushups, sit-ups, or jumping rope, the kids were moving!

  • A CWRU medical student talked with the students about personal hygiene. He demonstrated proper tooth-brushing techniques with an oversized toothbrush and a model of the mouth. He gave the students samples of toothpaste, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer. He also took time to answer the children's questions.

  • In addition to talking with the students about nutrition, a speaker helped the students conduct an experiment to see how many germs are on their hands. They rubbed a special cream on their hands, and then held their hands under a black light. Areas where germs were hiding glowed bright blue! This activity drove home the importance of washing one's hands often throughout the day.

"Health Day" built a foundation that will help the students lead healthy, happy lives well into the future.

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