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Students and tutors at the Church of the Covenant

Frequently-Asked Questions For Tutors

Q1: I have never tutored before and/or I'm not very familiar with kids – how do I know if I can do this?

    A1: Relax! Most of our tutors do not have a background in teaching and often are college students themselves. When you come to tutor for the first time, you will receive training that includes tips on how to tutor. During the actual tutoring session, there will be greeters circulating who can answer any questions you may have.

    If possible, try to attend the Tutoring Orientation held at the beginning of every semester. This is a comprehensive, interactive, two-hour training that gives tips on how to work with the different grade levels and subjects. You will also have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Q2: What sort of qualifications do I need?
    A2: None! All you need is patience, a desire to help local students, and a positive attitude. Although some of our tutors are/were teachers, most are students or members of the community who simply want to make a difference. Tutors must be at least 17 years old and/or in the 11th grade.

Q3: Where are the tutoring sessions held?
    A3: The sessions are held at the Church of the Covenant (11205 Euclid Avenue) across from University Hospitals. Enter the parking lot from Euclid Avenue. From the parking lot, enter the building by going down the patio stairs, outlined by large, brightly-colored signs. Those stairs and signs are directly opposite the driveway entrance.

Q4: What time should I arrive?
    A4: If you are a brand-new tutor, please arrive at 9:15 a.m.  That will allow you time to fill out necessary paperwork, attend a brief, new-tutor training, and get settled before the students arrive. 

    If you are a returning tutor, please arrive by 9:45 a.m. so that you have time to get settled before the students arrive.  Arriving too late makes it difficult to match tutors and students.

Q5: How long does a tutoring session last?
    A5: Tutoring starts at 10:00 a.m. (although you should arrive before then) and ends at noon.  There is a snack break at 11:00 a.m. when students and tutors are welcome to enjoy doughnuts and juice and talk informally.

Q6: What grades will I work with?
    A6: Students range from 1st grade to 12th grade. We occasionally work with adults who are out of school but who are studying to pass the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT). You choose the age group and subject(s) you want to cover.

Q7: How am I assigned a student?
    A7: If you want to tutor a student in grades 1-8, please sit at a table in the dining room with the appropriate grade number label (i.e., if you want to tutor 5th grade students, sit at a table with the number “5” on it). Just before start time, a student will be brought to you.

    If you want to tutor a high school student (9-12+), please go to the smaller room, check the subject of choice on one more sign-in sheet, then wait by the by the steps. As the high school students arrive, you will be paired by subject.

    If you prefer to be assigned where needed, please wait by the student sign-in area (the wall between the kitchen and entrance), and you will be matched with a student.

Q8: How many students will I be working with?
    A8: Ideally there will be one student per tutor; however, you may have two students if there are not enough tutors. (Encourage your friends to tutor so that we have enough tutors for our one-on-one goal!)

Q9: Will I work with the same student every time that I volunteer?
    A9: Yes, when you and the student attend the same Saturdays and arrive around the same time.  However, sometimes not.  If the student is late, we may have already assigned you another student. If you're late, your student may already be assigned another tutor. Also, sometimes when we are seating children, we may forget that there's a pairing already established. With your help, we will keep you and your student partnered as often as possible.

Q10: How many tutoring sessions are there?
    A10: There are approximately 10 tutoring sessions per semester. Fall semester typically begins in late September and continues until Thanksgiving. Tutoring resumes around the end of January and continues until mid-April. There is no tutoring offered during the summer.

Q11: How often am I expected to volunteer?
    A11T: You can volunteer whenever it fits your schedule. An every-week commitment is NOT required, but appreciated. Some tutors do volunteer every week, while others volunteer once or twice a month. If you are interested in a short-term opportunity, we especially need tutors when many of the volunteers are away for their college's spring and fall breaks. (Please check the calendar for those dates.)

Q12: What subjects are available for tutoring?
    A12T: All of the basic subjects are covered: math, science, reading, English, and social studies. For the high school students, we also offer OGT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT prep.

Q13: I'm all ready to give tutoring a try, how do I sign up?
    A13: You can either contact Linda Wilson at or 216-421-0482 ext. 281 before arriving, or you can just arrive at 9:15 a.m. on the Saturday you'd like to begin. (Be sure to check the calendar.) We'll get you all signed up.


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