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Food in Singapore 

Food glorious food… 

There is certainly no doubt about it - Singaporeans love to eat. With an endless variety of food choices around you, there is no reason why you should deprive your taste buds of any of the excitement these dishes can offer. So get your chopsticks, satay-sticks, forks and knives ready as we explore the wonderful world of food right here in Singapore. 

Chinese Food 

There is a wide range of Chinese food found in Singapore. That's not surprising since about 70% of the population is Chinese and one can also find most of the Chinese ethnic groups here. Let's take a look at some of the most popular Chinese cuisine in Singapore. 

Fried rice is a favourite dish in Singapore. There are many ways of preparing fried rice - some prefer putting a lot of eggs and vegetables, some love char siew or lup cheung (Chinese sausage) in the dish. 

Another extremely popular dish is chicken rice. Very simply put, the dish comprises rice, steamed in chicken gravy, and steamed or roasted chicken, with slices of cucumber as garnish. 

Dim Sum is a Cantonese term which translates to "touches the heart". These are snacks that are favoured for breakfast, tea or supper. 

Mooncakes are eaten during the Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. A wide variety of fillings are available, ranging from ice-cream to durian. Green mooncakes have a soft skin and usually contain sweet lotus paste. The brown ones are baked till the skin is crispy, while its content is either sweet or salty. 

Malay Food 

Malay food is usually prepared with spices and many of these dishes are cooked with coconut milk which enhances the flavour of the dish. 

Satay is perhaps the most famous of these dishes. Chicken, mutton or beef is served, barbeque style, on satay sticks, accompanied with slices of fresh onion, ketuput (steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves) and tasty peanut sauce. 

Indian Food 

The Indians are well known for their use of spices in their cooking. 

Mama rojak is a dish consisting of a mixture of different food items, such as prawn crackers, fermented bean, fishballs, sotong, potatoes, and hard boiled eggs. 

Prata and murtabak are also favourites. Prata is made of dough kneaded into circular pancakes and is served with sugar or spicy curry sauce. Murtabak is stuffed with meat and onions. 

Nonya Food 

Nonya or Straits Chinese food is fairly hot and resembles Malay food adapted to Chinese taste. The food is uniquely original, imaginative and delicious. The kueh kuehs offered in Nonya cuisine are undoubtedly the best-tasting ones around. 

As you may have realised, the rich and vibrant food scene in Singapore can be attributed to the diversity of our population in terms of the races, traditions and cultures of the people. Now, that's certainly one very tasty advantage we all get to enjoy as citizens of a multi-racial nation! 

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