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Promotion Service Unit

We can get you anything you need!

In order to help Indonesia's small industries to compete in the global marketing, the Department of Industry and Commerce set up the Small Industries Development Center. The Promotion Service Unit is a small but important unit within ths development center. It serves the purpose of organizing the scattered small industries around each's area, and promoting their product to the world. If you are interested to start an investation in any kind of Indonesian products, you should put your trust in the Promotion Service Unit.

The small happy family of the Promotion Service Unit & the Technical Service Unit
Based in Solo, the Promotion Service Unit of Sukoharjo serves around the Surakarta region. With a small team consisting of dedicated personells, we will help you to get in touch with any possible area of small industry activities. Our loyalty is to development, and we dedicate our work for the small yet promising industries. Get in touch with us and we will get you anything you need. You can rely on our following team:
Chief : Imaculata Tien Hartini
PR : Helen
Staffs: Sri Adhiatmi & Ning Suradi
In order to make a better achevement, we always work together with the well-established Technical Service Unit, consisting of:
Chief : Soenarso
Treasury : Suradi
Operators : Hendra & Sutarmi

Should you need any help in determining which industry you'd like to step into, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Our phone: 62 271 726994
Our fax: 62 271 719504
Contact person: Imaculata Tien Hartini & Helen


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