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About Me


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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Name: Rochelle

A Lil About *ME*

Age: 13

Status: Single n Lookin

School: Brownridge

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue/Green

Fav Colour: Red

Fav Movie: Too many to name

Fav Music: Rap/R&B/Hip Hop

Hobbies n Interests:






Chillin w/ma girlz

Fav Things:







Ice Cream

If You Wanna Chat Add Me

Well as u all should no im a sports FANATIC, Im nuts about everythin specially hokcey and basketball, I yell at the T.V as some of ma gurls no seeing how im always on the phone with them while watchin the leafs or the raps. Heres a pic of ma fav. player on the leafs


Favorite Stuff

Here are some of ma fav things:

Favorite TV Show:Er,y&r,Judgin Amy,Practice
Favorite Movie:I dunno
Favorite Music:Everythin
Favorite Book:Uh no
Favorite Sports Team:To Many!
Favorite Food:Ice cream, I think but really hard to pick

Favorite Quotes

These are qoutes that mean alot to me or i think are just really good:

although you may not love me, although you may not care, if you shall ever need me, you kno that i'll be there. your love may be all taken, your heart may not be free, but when your heart is can alwayz lean on me. i'll never stop loving you, i kno because i've tried. all the oceans in the world can't hold the tears i've cried. Every scar you have tells a story about a certain time in your life..whether it be the time you fell offyour bike and skinned you knee..or when you fell out of a tree and bruised you arm..orrr the one time...when he broke your heart.
-i dont get why things change
i want it to alwayz stay the same
i miss you so much as a friend
lets restart n make thingz mend
let your inner beauty shine through to reveal your true beauty
-sometimes i wonder where i would be
if i didnt kno u and u didnt kno me
who would i laugh with and cry with at the end
where would i be without my best friends

-every now and then
we find some special friend
who never let us down
who underatnds it all
reaches out each time we fall
ur the best friends that i found
if you lose your way
think back on yesterday
and remember me this way