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The US Constitution

Bill of Rights

Amendments 1-10

  1. Freedom of Religion- Speech, Press, and Assembly- Congress is prohibited to pass laws that deal with the establisment of Religion, prohibit the practice of Religion, or that impede citizen's rights of speech, the press, or the right to congregate peacefully, or to request that the government makes up for its wrongdoings.
  2. Right to keep arms- Citizens will have the right to possess and bear arms for the use of defense.
  3. Quartering of Soldiers- In times of peace soldiers may not be boarded in a house without the permission of the owner, and in times of war this can only be done in a way outlined by law.
  4. Search and Seizure; Warrants- Citizens' rights to be safe in their houses and themselves from seach and seizure unless there is reason for authorities to reason that a search would be necessary. No warrants will be issued unless an oath or affirmation backs up the reason, and the a description is provided of the place to be searched and the items to be seized.
  5. Rights of Persons Accused of Crimes- A person accused of a crime may not be made to stand trial without indictment of a grand jury, except when in the armed forces in times of public danger. No person shall have to stand trial for the same crime twice when life or limb is possible the punishment. No person shall be forced to testify against his/herself, and shall not be given punishment without a fair trial. Private property shall not be confiscated for public use unless the owner is compensated.
  6. Right to Speedy Trial- An accused defendent has the right to a speedy and public trial with an unbiased jury in the state and district where the crime was committed. The defendents shall be told of the accusation, shall be able to confront prosecution witnesses, have the right to call forth witnesses on his/her behalf, and to have a lawyer.
  7. Jury Trial in Civil Cases- In all civil cases where the controversy exceeds $20, a defendent shall have the right to a trial by jury.
  8. Excessive Bail or Punishment- Large Bails or Unusual punishments shall not be administered.
  9. Powers reserved to the People- Even though some rights are described in length in the Constitution, this shall not be taken to mean that other rights are not granted.
  10. Powers reserved to the States- Powers that are not prescribed to the National government and are not prohibited are given to the people or the State Governments.
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