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The United States Of


What happened to United?
The United States of America.
United we stand, divided we fall.
How can a country with
United in its name,
Be so divided?
How can we have hundreds of thousands
of people in thousands of newsgroups,
alt. this and alt. that, which I myself subscribe
to a few. And yet all we seem to do is argue
and talk about all the bad things going on
around us, happening to us, and what we
think "somebody else" ought to do about it..
That "somebody else" had better be you
and I real soon! Because things are only
going to worsen, while we are standing
by waiting for somebody else.
And I would like to ask everyone that
reads the stories on this site to think
about what you are reading with election
year coming up.
Because now is the time to find
out what that person running for office is
going to do for the homeless, the hungry,
the abused, and the human and civil rights,
of the citizens of the "United States of America"
In school, I read about the inhumane way that

Germanys "special" police would barge into
peoples homes and business's and drag them
out, falsely accuse them, beat them, and throw
them in jail. Some were murdered, some raped.
And the American People "UNITED", and said
we must put an end to this type of brutality!
Then the last few years, we had Kosovo, where

the military, and "special" police were barging
into peoples homes, and business's, doing
"Illegal search and seizures," false arrests,
separating families, molesting woman and
children, and shooting "unarmed citizens,"
looting, and burning of homes.
And once again the American People
"UNITED"  and said we must stop this
kind of "Inhumanity" from happening
(Anywhere In The World)

Don't tell me how to stop this kind of
abuse throughout the world.
Show me how we can put a stop to it;
In The United States of America "First"
The abuse will stop when the
American People become "UNITED"
and say this will not be allowed in
The United States!
Just about every day in the news, is stories of

illegal search and seizures, people being falsely
accused, false arrest. Unarmed citizens being shot by
peace officers that thought the person
pointed something at them.
Some of our children are sent to State operated
 Juvenile centers, or homes for troubled teens,
 Then get molested and mentally
abused by the officers placed there
for there protection.

We have officers, that use intimidation, lies,

cover-up, plant evidence,  and anything they
can think of to try and get a case.
When there was none!
It would be a grave mistake for

the American people to allow
this abuse to continue and worsen..
Because some other country just
might be watching,
and become "UNITED" and say:
We must not allow this kind of
abuse anywhere in the world.
And send there own
"Peace Keepers"
To put an end to the abuse!


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This page last updated 5/20/2001