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The United States of Abuse

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"Elderly Abuse in Rest Homes"

There are numerous laws on the books in both State and
Federal courts with guidelines for rest homes to follow.
However, like most other laws that were written
to protect peoples rights, they are not enforced!
Some Laws, and Facts!
"Below is one study I came across"

Federal and State laws require that nursing homes
develop a plan of care and employ sufficient staffing
to provide All the care listed on the care plan.
Because most nursing homes today are
Corporate Owned,
they are not sufficiently staffed, and can not
All the care listed on the care plan!
Consequently, residents are not taken to the toilet when
necessary, they are often left lying in urine and feces,
develop painful and life threatening pressure sores,
are not fed properly, are not given sufficient fluids,
are over-medicated or under-medicated, are dropped
causing painful bruises and fractures, are not cleaned
or groomed, are ignored and not included in activities,
are left in bed all day, not turned, call lights are not
answered promptly, or not at all...

"Below is a second study I found"
With over 1.5 million elderly and dependent adults
now living in nursing homes throughout the country,
abuse and neglect has become a widespread problem.
Even though some nursing homes provide good care,
many (far too many) are subjecting helpless residents to
needless suffering and death. Most residents in nursing
homes are dependent on the staff for most or all their
needs such as food, water, medicine, toileting, grooming,
stimulation and turning - almost all their daily care.
Unfortunately, many residents in nursing homes today
are starved, dehydrated, over-medicated, and suffer
painful pressure sores. They are often isolated, ignored
and deprived of social contact and stimulation.
Because of insufficient and poorly trained staff commonly
found in nursing homes, caused by
Corporate owners, who are more concerned about
their bottom line, than the care they should be providing!
The staff in these nursing homes are often overworked,
and grossly underpaid, that often results in
rude and abusive behavior to vulnerable residents!

Before placing a loved one in a nursing home.
The looks of the facilities,
and the kindness of the staff,
when viewed for the first time;
Can be (and usually are)
Very Deceiving
 From what I have personally seen, complaints
I have read, and people I have talked to.
You should only consider a rest home
as a last resort.
If you have no alternative, then I
would suggest using some cautionary measures.

# 1. "Do Not" take someone's word, on how nice a place is.

# 2. Talk to some of the residents that have been there awhile.

# 3. Ask if they would have a problem with you showing up
to check on your loved one at "Any Time"

If they do have a problem with this, they are more then
likely trying to keep you from seeing how the home
is being ran during off hours. "Keep Looking"

# 4. Check for complaints filed against the rest
home or any of there employees.

If you find a place you are confident in,
and you place the person in there care,
be sure to watch for:
sudden changes in attitude, health,
energy or weight loss.
Keep track of medications they are receiving.
And continue regular check-ups with there
own physicians they are used to.
We need to remember when making

our decisions for a loved one,
That someday, someone might
have to make a decision about us.
Like I said at the top of the page. The laws

are there to protect the elderly from the
types of abuse you have just read about.
But until there is a change in
"The Law-Makers"
(At Local, State, and Government level)
Our laws to protect the rights of All,
will be of no effect

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This page last updated 2/21/2001