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"The Homeless, Hungry, and Helpless"

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It says the United States spends about
12 billion dollars a year on foreign aid.
I have heard it is more around 18 billion a year,
but I don't have the facts on this figure yet.

My question is. If the wealthiest nation in the world
can afford to send billions of dollars to foreign countries,
to help the needy, hungry, and helpless.
Then why is it  the United States of America cannot
afford to take care of the homeless, hungry and helpless
right here in America?

We have homeless, hungry and helpless men, woman,
and children walking the streets of America seeking
help, shelter, and food.
I know what you are probably thinking!
We have food kitchens in the bigger cities that will
provide one meal a day, and shelters that will let homeless
people sleep at night. We have food pantries that pass out
donated food at different locations etc.
We read about large Churches feeding thousands of
people at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But lets look behind the scenes for a moment.
Most of the shelters are governed by either city,
state, or federal officials.
They have rules that say the shelters cannot be
opened up unless the temperature drops below a
predetermined level. And who determines what is cold?
"After my last surgery, if it get down to 60 degrees,
my hands and fingers turn white from lack of blood
circulation, and I feel like I am freezing to death."
Every person has different tolerances, there
cannot be a predetermined (anything) when a human
life is at risk.

Food kitchens are a great asset for the hungry,
but how many of us and our children would be
satisfied, with one meal a day?
And like I said these are mainly set up only in
your larger cities. What about the smaller communities?
What do the hungry men, woman and children do
in these communities? "They do without" the majority
of the time.
In the small town I live in, we have a food pantry where
people can go and get a few items to hold them over,
but it is only open certain days, and what they have to
offer is whatever is donated by the people of the

Below is part of a news article I found.
Thousands In Arizona Go
By William Hermann
The Arizona Republic
Oct. 26, 1999

Record numbers of Arizonans are going hungry despite the state's
strongest economy in years, a new report says.

An estimated 900,000 people in Arizona "are hungry or are at risk of
hunger," up from about 475,000 in 1989, the Arizona Department of
Economic Security's Hunger Advisory Council reported Monday.

This is just one story, in one state, and it is probably
based on reported incidences. And there is more then
likely thousands more that go unreported.

And yet every agency that I have contacted about my
concerns about the homeless, hungry, and helpless,
will say the same thing each time.
We do not have the funds to do more
to help these people!
Well hell no we don't, were sending it all over seas!
it is just like right here in Arkansas,
we have a military base partly closed down with
hundreds of barrack type rooms that remain empty.
that could be opened up for the homeless.
But I guess our "Government" feels they are
better to leave empty,
"But continue to maintain them"
then open them up to help American Citizens in need!

Please read this study that was
done by Johnson and Sheehy.
As to the effects of our money we
send to countries for foreign aid!

Johnson and Sheehy conclude that "poverty is largely a condition
imposed on people by ill-conceived and repressive economic
policies." They say that "no amount of foreign aid" can make up for
the drawbacks of an "unfree" economy. "Some countries have received
U.S. foreign aid for over 50 years and still are no better off"
than they were before they started getting handouts from U.S.

America's Future
7800 Bonhomme
St. Louis MO 63105

America the time has come to start putting
people in office that is going to put the
citizens of the Unite States and there well
being first and foremost!
Because if we refuse to take care of our
own first, than every dollar of foreign aid
that is sent, will do nothing more than
puff up the ego's of the officials
sending it.

This next comment is strictly my own and
my feelings on the subject.
The next time someone who has read this and
decides to send off there check to
Save the Whale
Save the Dolphin
or any other type organization like these.
Would take a long hard look across America.
And then decied what really needs to be saved!
homeless, hungry, and helpless
For the  homeless, hungry and helpless


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