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Legal Links
And Resources

Legal links for equal justice

This is just a few that I have contacted,
along with some I have found.
For Police, State, and Government Abuse, Civil Rights, and other laws.
If you have any links you would like to add,
or if you would like to link to this site,
please send me an E-mail, or leave a
message in one of the guest books.

This has to be one of the most extensive,
informative, and helpful legal sites I have
have ever been to!
I would need a full page to list all there services
(which most are free)
But some of the services you will find on this site are;
You can submit a legal question and receive an
answer free, and it will also be posted for other lawyers.
Live legal chat rooms, an internet law section,
"extensive" legal resources, legal research and
attorney referral services.

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Police is an excellent site to visit, file a complaint,
or just check out some of the cases they have worked on.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
Stories of injustice, online legal research, criminal justice
news and issues, Attorney referral.
I have contacted this organization, and unlike some,
I received an immediate response. Very caring people!

"America For Sale"

The United States of Abuse

Page 2 "Elderly Abuse"

True Stories

In the news.

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