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Flowers in The Attic

Test Your knowlege

1.) What color did Cathy color hope?

A. Purple

B. Pink

C. Yellow

D. Lime Green

2.) What author's style did Cathy wish she could duplicate in her story?

A. Steven King

B. Agatha Christy

C. Andrew Neirdermen

D. Charles Dickens

3.) What type of manufacturing company did Cathy's dad work for?

A. Toys

B. Computers

C. Cars

D. Cell Phones

4.) What did Cathy want to be when she grew up?

A. Ballerina

B. Singer

C. Writer

D. Doctor

5.) What did Chris want to be when he grew up?

A. Ballerina

B. Singer

C. Writer

D. Doctor

6.) What one thing was the evil Grandmother obssessed with?

A. Drugs

B. Astrology

C. The Bible

D. Knitting

7.) What was repeatedly used in the evil grandmothers list of rules?

A. Love

B. Modesty and discreetness

C. Friendship

D. Profanity

8.) What did Chris do to Cathy when he found out she kissed their step father?

A. Slap her

B. Swear at her

C. Give her a high five

D. Rape her

9.) What crimes did Corrine commit?

A. Neglect

B. Leaving her children in abusive circumstances; emotionally, physically, and mentally

C. Murder

D. All of the above

10.) What had the experiance of their awful circumstances for over 3 years teach Cathy and Chris?

A. Money can buy you happiness

B. The apple dosen't fall too far from the tree

C. Patience is a virtue

D. They were survivors