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Poor thing.  So innocent...
The Vegetable Rights Institute is an organization dedicated to eventually stopping the eating of vegetables. Please see our future plans section for more information on what our main goals are, or see our People Involved section for more information on who our members are.

In 1982, on June 3rd, one disgruntled farmer wrote a letter. It was a declaration of the Vegetable Rights Institute, and a statement that shall never be forgotten in our lives. We believe in these points, and will die to defend them...being martyrs to our cause...

The Declaration of the Vegetable Rights Institute

- We, the Vegetable Rights Institute, are to try and abolish all/any consuming and/or use of vegetables for human purposes.

- The Vegetable Rights Institute will and always shall make clear that we do not wish anyone to eat anything that once lived and breathed on this Earth; this includes any form of animal, fungus, plant, and anything else which is created from a father/mother organism and has cells.

- This policy we enforce peacefully and through negotiations. We have not considered any means of extremities such as physical and/or terrorist actions.

- Any people whom wish to join our vegetable rights movement need not pay us any money. We refuse funding from members. We will put our members names only on our lists and we will keep them for our records only.

- We give our life, our soul, and our honour to vegetable life.

- We believe that vegetables have thoughts and feelings. We are unfortunate to be too alien in comparison to these beautiful creatures to understand any of their language. It is hard for us to comprehend that these plants are truely intelligent species like us, and not mindless peices of matter.

- We shall research, and prove to the world that we are right. This is something which is very hard to research, and hard to prove. Many people will not take this seriously, but the facts will prove those people wrong. People are too ignorant in this age to be fully aware of the possibilities.

- Any use of media possible to be shown to the public must be used. All of the public must slowly become aware of the Vegetable Rights Institute. Established media will become important: school education, movies, music, commercials, books, internet, games, etc.) We will use much propaganda to further our cause.

- Firstly and foremost, we are here to stop murder. Killing is against the law. Why then shall we allow anything to be killed? Life is a precious thing that must not be wasted on silly human ideals.

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That statement made years ago still stands true to today. We have allready published many articles in "less distributed" newspapers around the world, especially in India, Europe, and Japan. Very few American or Canadian companies even accept our newspaper articles. Why? There is so much evidence to support our claims. One such article was a brain wave study of vegetables. A cruel test, performed by scientists, measured the sensory perceptors of vegetables when they were cut into peices or ripped out from the ground. Of course vegetables do not have brains, but the scientists measured increasing amounts of energy which sharply indicate pain. Vegetables do feel pain. The news article will be available soon on this internet page as soon as it is scanned and ready. Please further explore our vast network page. Thankyou.

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