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Many people ask these questions at various times during their lifetime,
often when they experience chaos and darkness.


It was Laotse who said:

"At the end of your journey you will not be asked:
Were you a saint, or did you fight for the salvation of humankind?
The only question that will be asked of you is:
Did you become yourself?"

Astrology can be the beginning of a lifelong spiritual journey.

Astrology can assist you to find yourself. Astrology shows you, with the help of your natal chart, where your greatest potential lies, and it also tells you which areas of your life are not easy for you..
In addition, the current planetary positions reflect the quality and tasks of your life journey at the present time.

Are you interested to find out more about yourself? You can do this during an in-depth astrological consultation, incorporating a short Tarot spread to pinpoint and co-ordinate the current situation with your natal data.

Consultations include charts and a detailed, written report, and takes at least one hour.

Astrological Services Available:
Natal Charts: An insight into your personality.
Solar Return Charts: Gives an indication of the main trends and issues for the year following your birthday.
Progressed Moon Reports: Looks at cyclic life issues.
Composite Charts: Many people wonder whether they are really compatible with a certain person. Composite charts can indicate areas of compatibility and areas where two people will encounter difficulties.

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Free abbreviated personality profile profile e-mail your Place, Date and Time of Birth to
Verena Homberger

For an in-depth personal consultation book an appointment by e-mail or telephone.
For a detailed written report, click here, fill out the form and send your cheque, for
$50.00 to

V. Homberger
PO Box 614
Cloverdale WA 6105


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