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To My Dearest Sweetheart...

I love you more than you can ever know;
You are my sunshine, and also my snow.
When I wake up early, and you're not around,
It makes me so sad that I whine like a hound.

It won't be 'til September that I see you next,
I wish I could see you when I write this text.
Your hair is so blonde, your eyes are so blue
Earth's sexiest woman has got to be YOU.

Your lips are so lovely, your smile is a gem,
Oh What I'd give now, to be kissing them.
Your bum is so lovely, it cannot be real,
Ah go on love...give us a feel !

Your breasts are so lovely, and also so pert,
I feel that to touch them, I must have a cert.
Your stomach's so smooth, it's the best one ever,
And as for your mind, bee jaysus your clever.

It's time to go home now, unfortunately so,
But next time I see you, I'll suck on your toe.
You're the soundest, best-looking girl I ever knew,
Have I told you lately how much I love you?



Happy June 2nd,
Bar Your Secret Admirer