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Irish Cycling Results And News

January 1999

News Flashes

Thursday, January 7th---Unfortunately, I must report the death of Cork cyclist, Donal Crowley, on Tuesday night (Jan 5th). He was hit by a car while out cycling and was killed instantly. Mr. Crowley, was a great cyclist, and still remained active in the sport, as do his family.

Monday, January 11th---The board of the ICF has now been completed, at the ICF's first commitee meeting yesterday. Tommy Campbell has decided to do a Steve Collins and come out of retirement to take up the position of Head of Leisure Cycling Committee. To see the full board, go to this page.

Friday, January 15th---The Irish teams are announced for both the Tour of Langkawi and also the Tour of Greece. To view the teams, go to the newly invented Irish Abroad page.

Thursday, January 21st---I have heard that the Tour of the Phillipines may be cancelled. This is not official news as of yet, but it is still possible.

Friday, January 22nd---Details of the 47th consecutive Rás have been announced. To view them, click here. Five first time overnight stops have been introduced, but there is no time-trial included. Prutour details are also up.
Unfortunately, the Credit Union has decided not to renew their 8 year sponsorship of the Junior Tour. New sponsors are being searched for by Pat Mc'Quaid.

Thursday, January 28th---The team for the Tour of Egypt has been announced. It is the same as the team for Langkawi, except Dermot Finnegan is replaced by Ciaran Power. That makes it, in no particular order, :

  1. Ciaran Power
  2. Michael Fitzgerald
  3. Aidan Duff
  4. Michael Mc'Nena
  5. Paul Griffin
  6. David Mc'Cann
Also, my site has now officially changed address. For those on the old address, the new address is at Please use this address in future, as I will delete the easyspace one fairly soon.

Friday, January 29th---Firstly, David McCann is off the teams to go to both Egypt and Langkawi. Eugene Moriarty is his replacement in Malaysia, but no replacement has yet been named for the Tour of Egypt.
I have results of the Tour of Tasmania, a 2.5 race in Australia, in which Morgan Fox, Dermot Finnegan, and Michael Fitzgerald are taking part. I don't know are they performing well or not, but unfortunately they are not challenging for a high position.

Tour of Tasmania---Results
Pos. Rider Time
38 Morgan Fox + 1:14
45 Dermot Finnegan + 1:22
38 Michael Fitzgerald + 1:54
G.C. After Stage 1
37 Morgan Fox + 1:48
46 Dermot Finnegan + 1:58
59 Michael Fitzgerald + 2:27
Stage 2
49 Morgan Fox + 24:08
51 Dermot Finnegan + 24:08
61 Michael Fitzgerald + 51:23
G.C. After Stage 2
45 Morgan Fox + 24:59
47 Dermot Finnegan + 25:09
61 Michael Fitzgerald + 52:53

Sunday, January 31st--- I just spent the morning typing up the calender and just touching up the site. The calender can be found on the Results Page. The final results of the Tour of Tasmania are here.


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